When I was using Emacs the most, I was beginning to create a series of Org-mode macros that used Elisp functions to construct text. I can’t recall the specifics, but macros like =link(transplanting-traditions)= would return the text =[[https://transplanting-traditions.org][Transplanting Traditions]=, for example.

As I’m reapproaching using Emacs and Org-mode to do relatively sophisticated things, I’m inclined to revisit that approach: writing them by hand is hard to do, and can only be maintained with careful search-and-replace.

The first task in this is to find my old macro functions, and try and reconstruct a working example from there, and then document them properly within my current Emacs client configuration.

I live such a blessed life, woke up late because the weather did my morning gardening for me, immediately upon stepping outside I was greeted by someone with a gift of fresh apples and oranges and takeout containers, for me to have and regift to the community.

It’s so sad to me how the system of reciprocity and community-building that seems to have been core to many pre-colonial interactions between folk on Turtle Island has been equivocated, by the term “Indian giving,” to mean “giving on a gift you received because you didn’t like it.”

I give on the gifts I get because that’s what’s supposed to happen with them: they keep getting gifted on until they’re all used up. It’s the same concept as why two folk exchanging a dollar raises the GDP, but with an explicit appreciation for the fact that it’s not GDP but local community being built.

It’s disappointing to see that so many settler-folk are suddenly able to talk about Native issues, now that it could potentially affect them and their colonialism, in response to McGirt vs Oklahoma. Take a lesson from the ruling, wašíču, and step outside your little settler-sick thinking and make an appreciation for other cultures and other legitimate justice systems something you can’t forget. Better worlds than yours exist.

I’m removing some of the smaller pages from the website, consolidating the content that was on them into the homepage. Bit of a bummer watching the word count for the website drop from nearly a quarter of a million to nine thousand, but it’ll be nice to watch it climb back up, I suppose!

I’m trying to consolidate all my work into what I’m actively working on, and a key starting point for that is reforming the Org-mode file I use for my personal website: specifically, clearing out old content and settings so that I can start fresh today with the best practices I’ve come up with, and not be bogged down with trying to maintain backward compatibility with the older content. I can always re-import it, and it’ll be available in the git repository for the published website, anyway!