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2021W52RB: Routine Bulletin: 2021, Week 52: 12/26-1/1

This is a routine bulletin produced by emsenn for the Web; syndication elsewhere is permitted.

Personal Updates

  • I spent time mucking about in my personal garden, for the first time since early October.
  • I received a copy of Revolutionary Suicide and Hyperion as a gift from Es.

World Updates

Commercial Opportunities

  • Powwow Supply will be closed for January, to let themselves have a solid break after 10 years of growth.
  • Gnarly Headache is selling a shirt where all the proceeds go to get supplies for a Zapatista medical center.

Upcoming Events

January 3rd
The Poor Proles Almanac, a podcast about collapse praxis, is hosting a kimchi-making skillshare on their Twitch.

Historic Events

Here's a listing of notable events that happened between December 26th and January 1st, in the past:

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