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Where to perform on the Web

Part of me, now that I’m deciding that my Web presence is just gonna be a performance for colonials (with a gateway for other folk to interact through different ways), is considering if i don’t want to get back on Twitter or Facebook.

if the web is bad and I’m just here to perform for colonials so they’ll give me gifts, why not go to where most of them are?

there’s arguments about the morality of those platforms, but those arguments mostly apply to all the Web, it’s just they’re worse over there. (In some ways. In other ways, shit, at least people are honest they’re on a platform being developed by people that want to develop a platform, and don’t ignore that as true like Mastodon users.)

There’s the pragmatic issue of, performing in colonial systems enriches them, and that’s the issue that I’m most interested in. I live deep in the physical domain of the kyriarchy, most everything I do enriches the kyriarchy. Knowing that, I’m very careful to withhold my labor from all sorts of things, instead accepting a “low” quality-of-life and relying on gifts from colonists who support non-Collaboration.

If I broadcast these messages into social media silos, I’m making each message more of a gift to settler-colonialism than it is, but I also increase the chances that I get a gift from a human person, inside settler-colonialism. (Increase it, potentially, by quite a lot; I believe my Facebook and Twitter have an audience size roughly four-times that of my Fediverse following, despite years of inactivity. And engagement rates on the Fediverse are generally lower than seem to be true for those silos.)

Does it sound like I’m justifying cross-posting to Twitter? There’s the problem of moderation on those platforms, but that’s true anyplace on the Web. I have to adhere to a huge variety of laws, terms of service, and everything else – don’t tell anyone, but far more than I actually understand. What’s another layer of rules I don’t care about following between me and human folk out there?

Anyway, obviously I haven’t made any sort of decision, but I’m entertaining the question.

Date: 2020-12-06 Sun 19:33

Author: emsenn

Created: 2021-01-30 Sat 10:44