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003: Useful information cannot be owned

003: Useful information cannot be owned is a(n) directive

it is about emsenn

Any bit of information that is useful, meaning imparts some utility to anyone who has it, where utility means satisfying the person's desires.

This one can seem at-odds with the Data should be private directive - if useful information can't be owned, doesn't that mean lots of data can't be private?

That's… correct, unfortunately; the two directives are at-odds with each other. If your data is useful, you can't own it, at least not forever. Someone who has access to it is either going to steal it (maybe unintentionally, simply by mimicking it), or come up with whatever notion it is, on their own.

Think about the statistics of it: most problems are shared by many many people. If even half of them come up with a solution, that's still many people, and some of them might have a solution identical to - or better than - yours. And even if they don't, more people in the future will encounter the same problems, and eventually, come up with a solution that's better than yours.

You can patent your solutions to prevent this, but that requires a large amount of capital to accomplish, and even more to maintain, and even then, someone might come up with a better solution.

So, it's better to just share what you know that's useful.