This is the encyclopedia of a satirical fantasy world called Teraum. It's in early development - watch out for missing entries and errors.

It is written to be compatible with the Brave Old World role-playing game ruleset, and is the basis for two upcoming podcasts, The Delvers and Past the Garden Green.

Being an encyclopedia for an fictional setting, I'm unsure how to suggest you, the reader, approach it.

I might encourage you to simply pick a letter you like, and from there an article which sounds interesting, and go from there. Personally, I'm fond of the letter b, so perhaps you could start by reading about the town of Bellybrush, or maybe the artificial Borderwood, or the indigent Budlock Baster.

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A [0/10]


Ack is the largest human city in the world, located at the mouth of the Green River. It is divided into seventeen wards, many of which have semi-autonomous governments, though the city is as a whole governed by the Red Ward.


The city of Ack was founded in 873bc by human fisherfolk, who found the delta of the Green River to relax and compare the size of their catches. The first ward of the city - though it wasn't called such at the time - was the Dock Ward. As fisher captains would retire, they would lean their decommissioned vessels against the town, eventually forming a pallisade of sorts.

Fire of 80pc

On the 14th of Blooming, 80pc, at around 1100h, the One Route a small merchant ship, docked in the city. Among the passengers were the Vagrant, posing as Wayne Helder, Brother Sun, and Ilea, three humans visiting the city from the New World for various reasons. They are greeted by Elo, a member of the Chandlers Guild who is pretending to represent the Red Ward. He guides them to "customs office" adjacent to the docks where the group is greeted by Wybert, another member of the Chandlers Guild.

lAfter being left alone for a moment, Ilea rummages through paperwork in the office and when questioned, presents herself as Atrix Hucklebee, a member of the Blacksmith's Guild who had returned from Gnalens the previous ten-day. The Vagrant, believed to be Wayne Helder, is taken to a different office because of his noble status, and locked in. Ilea and Brother Sun are locked into another office.

Fearful, Ilea sets a small scroll of parchment on fire and uses it to set fire to a bookshelf in the room. This causes Elo and Wybert to return to investigate, allowing Ilea and Brother Sun to escape by fleeing further into Ack.

The fire quickly spreads through the building, which was a warehouse for the Chandlers Guild, and structural damage allowed Wayne Helder to escape. He re-boarded the One Route, which was rapidly departing to try and escape being burnt.

Shortly after the Vagrant's departure from the area, a distillery located under the warehouse was ignited and caused the building and its neighbors to explode, sending burning debris into neighboring blocks.

Due in part to the overpopulation of the city, the fire quickly spread to other wards. By 1300h the Squash Ward had burnt, and by 1400h the Copper Ward had also burnt. Chaos caused by the fire leads to opportunistic riotiing, leading to several arsons in remote parts of the city.

By 1600h the Red Ward has quelled the fires around their part of the city, and is offering debt forgiveness in exchange for assistance in trying to stop the fire, and by 1700h the fire has been contained to the southwestern part of the city.

By evening, rumors of how the fire was started began to spread. Most from the wards surrounding the Dock Ward correctly suspected a sing-sing laboratory in that area. In the north part of the city, it was popular to believe that the fire was started by the Cloudbound Trading Company, seeking to eliminate competitors. Conspiratorial-minded folk in all parts of society suspected the fire was started intentionally by the Red Ward in an attempt to seize control of the city from the remaining Merchant Kings.

By 2000h, the fire was mostly extinguished. The Red Ward negotiated with the Chandlers Guild to handle the distribution of goods within the city, while the Blacksmith's Guild began to set up warehouses outside of town, in the area along the Green River between Ack and Bellybrush. In total, 12,000 people including Elo, died and 80,000 were displaced.

The fire had lasting effects on the city and the surrounding region.

Establishment of the Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure

After the fire, the Red Ward continued to use their influence to fund early reconstruction. Due to the large number of displaced people, especially those from the poorer areas of the city, their efforts extended into the area of the Green Delta immediately around the city.


The city of Ack is divided into seventeen wards, districts separated by walls. In the past, the wards were governed independently, by merchant kings. While many wards continue to maintain autonomous governments, most operate under the guidance of the Red Ward, one of the city's wards that has come to be the de facto government of humanity.

Astar Ward

Located at marker 3 on the map of Ack, the Astar Ward is TK.

Brass Ward

Located at marker 14 on the map of Ack, the Brass Ward is TK.

Copper Ward

Located at marker 13 of the map of Ack, the Copper Ward is TK.

Dock Ward

Located at marker 8 on the map of Ack, the Dock Ward


Located at marker 26 on the map of Ack, the Eastgate is, well, the eastern gate out of the city.


Located at marker 2 on the map of Ack, the Northward is TK.

Red Ward

Located at marker 1 on the map of Ack, the Red Ward is one of Ack's oldest wards, first constructed in 721bc out of the red clay of the Green River's banks.


Located at marker 9 on the map of Ack, the Squashward is a ward in the southern part of the city, on the coast of the Optic Ocean. The ward has been home to the city's more poor laboring class for many years, though in the wake of the Fire of 80pc, the Red Ward began reconstructing the ward as an entertainment district.

Ackian Merchant Coup

The Ackian Merchant Coup was a seizure of government by the Ackian Merchant Kings in 70pc.

Ackian Merchant Kings

The Ackian Merchant Kings were a group of merchants who briefly led the government of the city of Ack and portions of the Green Delta.


Alindest is a village in the Green Delta.

Anadini, Jenos

Jenos Anadini is a human member of the Delvers.


Figure 1: A sketch of Jenos fighting Jelf, drawn by Stirling Little.


Figure 2: A sketched portrait of Jenos, drawn by Stirling Little.


Arathel is a human town in the northwest Green Delta. First settled in 478bc as a logging community, the Arathel is one of the larger towns in the Green Delta. It is governed by a council of local religious and commercial leaders. Its primary exports are wool, limestone, and cokeberries.

Arathel is the original capitol of the former Astar Empire.


Arathel was settled by humans in 478bc on a hill south of the Kaiper River. The town first grew around the Reinhard Lumber Mill, built in 477bc by Osmits Reinhard. Its prosperity was aided by trade with the fisherfolk in Ack, who always needed fresh lumber for their ships.

In 474bc, the community built a church in honor of Povator, a god of woodlands.

In 470bc, Osmits Reinhard built a small estate northwest of town, closer to the Kaiper River and began taxing the residents, in exchange for maintaining a small armory and militia.

Early Growth

From 470bc until 460bc the town continued to grow at a reasonable pace. Reinhard constructed a watchtower on the road southwest out of town, toward Ack, while the road southeast toward Pled became dotted with wheat farms. The town began to export the local limestone to Ack, who was using it construct the many estates its growing noble class required, and wool to Pled. In 464bc, the church to Povator was expanded, and in 462bc, Reinhard commissioned the planting of what became known as the Borderwood a strip of pine forest which separated Arathel from the countryland to the southwest, between it and Ack.

As Arathel grew in size it became more of a target for bandits in the area, which pushed Reinhard to grow the size of the local militia, drawing on the labor force of his lumber mill.

First Recession

The expense of the militia, and reduced workforce at his mills, caused Osmits Reinhard to fall behind in paying wages to his men, and in the summer of 460bc, he was hanged in the town square. Control of his mill - and subsequently the town - fell to a self-appointed council consisting of local tradesfolk. The tradesfolk immediately commissioned the construction of new wells and agreed that a sizeable portion of the late Reinhard's seized assets should be used to again expand the Povator Church.

Unfortunately the expenses left Arathel unable to maintain a militia, and bandits moved into the countryside, suppressing trade between the town and Pled. The town council attempted to negotiate a tribute to the bandits, but were attacked and fled the region.

Absent a government - who also were many of their skilled craftsmen - the town fell into a deep recession. The region was fertile farmland, so population continued to grow, but the town's trade with Ack and Pled slowed to a trickle.

Kaiper River Cultivation

Without trade routes to raid, many of the local bandits settled down near the road to Pled, which extended southeast out of Arathel. Some formed a little suburb past the town's wheat farms and in 454bc they built a small church to one of their gods, Siggrit, of earthworms.

In 442bc, Povator's worshippers in the area constructed a significantly nicer church on the crest of a hill north of town, overlooking the Kaiper River, and several families in the area began to construct large elegant estates. These works encouraged local industry and again, trade with the neighboring communities of Ack and Pled.

Old Arathel
First Church of Povator

First constructed in 474bc, the First Church of Povator is a historical church in Old Arathel, originally serving as a place to worship Povator, a god of woodlands.

Reinhard Estate
Second Church of Povator
Siggrit Temple

Arathel County

Arathel County is the northwest region of the Green Delta, mostly comprised of marshy farmland and swamps.

Southeast Arathel County

The southeastern part of Arathel County is less marshy then the rest. Located at marker 4 on the map of the Green Delta.


Figure 3: A map of southeast Arathel County, created in Inkarnate.


Arlonest is a village in the Green Delta.

Astar Empire

The Astar Empire was a human empire in the northern Green Delta from the 5th century BC to 70pc, when it was replaced by the Ackian Merchant Kings in a coup.

Astar, Henri

Henri Astar was a nobleman in the Green Delta in the 5th century BC, and the founder of the Astar Empire.


The autohearth was a home appliance invented by Dr. Altar Sendvogue in 41bc. It was a traditional home hearth, refashioned to be fueld by magic.

Axager, Rickle

Rickle Axager was a human born in 31bc who led the Delvers from 14bc until his death in 47pc.

B [0/6]


Baruk is a town in the Green Delta.

Baster, Budlock

Budlock is a beggar who lives in Bellybrush, in the area of Beggar's Alley.


Bellybrush is town in the Green Delta. It is the primary suburb of the human city of Ack, located about a half-mile east along the Kingsroad. The town was founded in 701bc as a retirement community for the fisherfolk of Ack, and quickly grew into an agricultural community in its own right, focused around the raising of pigs.



Figure 4: A map of the town of Bellybrush, as of the 18th of Blooming, 80pc.

Beggar's Alley

Located at marker 6 on the map of Bellybrush, Beggar's Alley is a road in northern Bellybrush. If the name didn't give it away, it's where many of the town's poorest residents live. Among the residents is Budlock Baster.

Boundary Street

Located at marker 10 on the map of Bellybrush, Boundary Street was the original riverfront street in the town, before the Walk was built.

Gibbet Street

Located at marker 8 on the map of Bellybrush, Gibbet Street is one of the oldest streets in the town, and one of the poorest. At the southern end of the street, at the intersection with Boundary Street there is a barren gibbet: two tall poles on either side of the street, with a thick board slung between them. The poles are covered in death masks, a mundane treasure used to remember those executed for their crimes.

Near where Gibbet Street intersects with the Walk, there is an assemblage of old wooden houses that have grown into one property. Among the residents are Wadren Smith, a 16-year-old orphan who raises pigs, and Holman Holder, a 55-year old who "steals" those pigs, as a prank. Nell also spends a lot of time here, even though she lives at the orphanage.

The Walk

Located at marker 7 on the map of Bellybrush, The Walk runs parallel to the southern bank of the Green River.


Located at marker 29 on the map of Bellybrush the Asylum is the local prison.

Barber Surgeon

Located at marker 20 on the map of Bellybrush the barber surgeon is the location of a medical practioner.

Basilisk Warehouse

Located at marker 52 on the map of Bellybrush, Basilisk Warehouse is a logistics company on the west end of Boundary Street, south across the street from the Leaping Eel.

Beynway Boarding House

Located at marker 24 on the map of Bellybrush, the Beynway Boarding House is…


Located at marker 19 on the map of Bellybrush, the butcher is the local meat market.

Central Park

Located at marker 30 on the map of Bellybrush, Central Park is a

Chandlers Guild

Located at marker 38 on the map of Bellybrush, the Chandlers Guild is just the local office of the larger organization.


Located at marker 23 on the map of Bellybrush, Cheerss is a liquor store.

Cheese Shop

Located at marker 21 on the map of Bellybrush, the cheese shop

Cobbler Shop

Located at marker 13 on the map of Bellybrush, the cobbler shop is a shoe store that sells very stale, bad cobblers, which it only stocks because people kept jokingly asking for them.

Cock o the Walk

Located at marker 47 on the map of Bellybrush, Cock o the Walk is a bar and music venue on the south bank of the Green River, east of Gibbet Street.


Located at marker 51 on the map of Bellybrush, Cornocopia is a fancy restaurant.

The Fair

Located at marker 40 on the map of Bellybrush, the Fair is a small market in the north part of town.

Freddy's Fuels

Located at marker 28 on the map of Bellybrush, Freddy's Fuels

Grape Vine

Located at marker 15 on the map of Bellybrush, the Grape Vine is a low-class tavern.

Kaldura's Happy House

Located at marker 18 on the map of Bellybrush, Kaldura's House House is a "hotel."

Leaping Eel

Located at marker 31 on the map of Bellybrush, the Leaping Eel is a large tavern north of the Kingsroad as it enters the eastern part of town, from Ack's Eastgate. Outside the tavern is both a Red Ward Job Board and Postal Box

Madrin's Shack

Located at marker 3 on the map of Bellybrush, Mandrin's Shack is a squashboard shack built just north of the gibbet at the intersection of Boundary Street and Gibbet Street. It was constructed on the 2nd of Melting, 80pc, by Madrin, an individual who had escaped from the local asylum. It is notable for the strong smell and loud screaming which come from it at random, but overlapping, periods.


Located at marker 34 on the map of Bellybrush, the market is the main marketplace in the town.

Masked Mortuary

Located at marker 2 on the map of Bellybrush, Masked Mortuary is a small wooden building at the corner of Boundary Street and Gibbet Street.

Meig's Mercantile

Located at marker 27 on the map of Bellybrush, Meig's Mercantile

Money Lender and Exchanger

Located at marker 14 on the map of Bellybrush, the money lender and exchanger is a squat stone building which performs currency exchange and offers loans on collatoral. (It's a pawn shop.)


Located at marker 17 on the map of Bellybrush, the netmaker is a small building that makes and sells fishing nets.

The Old Bastion

Located at marker 53 on the map of Bellybrush, the Old Bastion is a "dinner-with-a-show" style restaurant that appeals to tourists coming to visit Ack from the Central Plains and further.


Located at marker 26 on the map of Bellybrush, the Orphanage is run by Mother Jaffa, and also serves as a laundry.

Par Weaponry

Located at marker 4 on the map of Bellybrush, Par Weaponry is a closed-down weaponsmith, formerly run by Dokas and Milly Par before they were murdered by their daughter, Negalis, on the 1st of Blooming, 80pc. The building is owned by the Red Ward.

Ramen Shop

Located at marker 22 on the map of Bellybrush, the ramen shop

Redbrick Apartments

Located at marker 12 on the map of Bellybrush the Redbrick Apartments are an apartment block where many of the town's less well-off residents reside.


Located at marker 13 on the map of Bellybrush, Sovel's is a small restaurant and general store run by Henri Sovel.


Located at marker 16 on the map of Bellybrush, Steamworks is an art gallery for sculptures made by local farmers out of their old non-functioning magic equipment.

The Tenement

Located at marker 32 on the map of Bellybrush, the tenement is shared housing.

Tobacco Hut

Located at marker 13 on the map of Bellybrush, the tobacco hut is a small tobacco store.


Located at marker 25 on the map of Bellybrush, the undertaker

Westmeet Market

Located at marker 47 on the map of Bellybrush, the Westmeet Market is a small market in the center of the town.

The Wynd

Located at marker 50 on the map of Bellybrush, the /*Wynd/* is a large tavern in the center of town.

Ye Olde Curio Shop
Old Wall

While presumably the Old Wall used to be part of a larger structure, now all that remains is a roughly five-foot tall, two-foot wide limestone wall.

Red Keep

Located at marker 41 on the map of Bellybrush, the Red Keep is a small folly on the north bank of the Green River as it runs through town.


bellybrush-sewers-map.jpg The town of Bellybrush has a relatively sophisticated sewer system, since it was constructed by relatively affluent people. A portion of the sewer line is accessible from the surface, marker 11 on the map of Bellybrush. Most of it, however, is inaccessible except through two access points: one under the Chandlers Guild, marker 4 on the map of the Bellybrush Sewers and another under Ye Olde Curio Shop. marker 1 on the same map.


Located at marker 48 on the map of Bellybrush, the Westgate is a folly made of Limestone on the north side of the bridge that crosses the Green River on the west end of town.

Bellybrush Flayer

The Bellybrush Flayer is a rumored serial killer in Bellybrush who is suspected to be responsible for the death of several residents.

Alleged Crimes
Murder on 13th of Blooming

At approximately 1140h, a beggar named Budlock Baster discovers a body with the face ripped off, in Beggar's Alley.

Blacksmiths Guild

The Blacksmith's Guild is a human commercial organization.


Bonnet County

Bonnet County is a region of Halfling Country just west of Gnalens, on the border of the Southwoods. It was owned by the Bonnet Family from 17pc until 69pc.

Bonnet Estate

Bonnet Family

Bonnet, Stede

See the Vagrant.


The Borderwood is a pine forest located in southern Arathel County. It is an artificial forest, first planted by employees of the Reinhard Lumber Mill in 462bc.

Brother Sun

Brother Sun is a human monk who lived in a monastery in the Elflands before traveling to the Old World in 80pc.





C [0/14]


The calendar on Teraum divides time into years, each with 12 months containing 3 ten-day periods. There are also five annual holidays occuring after certain months, with a fifth holiday occuring every four years, for a year that is 365.25 days long. (Convenient!)

The calendar, having been established by the humans of the Green Delta to coordinate agriculture, is largely defined by the weather and precipation that occurs in that region during the period.

Season Months… . . Holiday
Cold Frosting Snowing Sleeting Wintertyg
Wet Winter Melting Showering Springtyg
Hot Blooming Summer Droughting Summertyg
Dry Browning Dusking Rotting Harvestyg & Feastyg

Sleeting is equivalent to Earth's January. Most known regions of Teraum are frozen, except the New World and southern parts of the Unseen Sea. The holiday of Wintertyg occurs after the last day of Sleeting. Formerly Deepwinter.


Winter is equivalent to Earth's February. Temperatures continue to drop, with parts of the New World dipping below freezing.


Melting is equivalent to Earth's March. Temperatures rapidly increase as the days lengthen. The spring equinox is on the 19th of Melting. Formerly Sunsets.


Showering is the eqivalent to Earth's April. The Central Plains thaw. Springtyg occurs after the last day of Showering. Formerly Storms


Blooming is the equivalent to Earth's May. The Farsteppes thaw. Formerly Melting.


Summer is the equivalent to Earth's June. The summer solstice is on the 20th of Summer. Formerly Flowers.


Droughting is the equivalent to Earth's July. The Farfarsteppes thaw. Summertyg occurs after the last day of the month, and every four years, another holiday called Restyg occurs. Droughting was formerly called Summertide.


Browning is the equivalent to Earth's August. In the Farfarsteppes, humans harvest whatever agriculture they planted in Droughting. Constructive Criticism Day is observed on the 15th of Browning, within the Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure. Browning was formerly called Highsun.


Dusking is the equivalent to Earth's September. The autumn equinox is the 21st of Dusking. The Farfarsteppes freeze. Formerly, Fading. Harvestyg occurs after the last day of Dusking.


Rotting is the equivalent to Earth's October. Formerly Leaffall.


Frosting is the equivalent to Earth's November. Formerly Rotting.


Snowing is the equivalent to Earth's December. Formerly Drawing. The winter solstice is on the 20th of Drawing.

Stellar Occurrences
Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox
Summer Solstice
Autumn Equinox
Constructive Criticism Day

Camden, Ross

Ross Camden is a human in the Green Delta who was a soldier during the Great Wars.

Carrot Docks

The Carrot Docks are a small port south of Ack.

Castle Oru

Castle Oru (Historic)

Celson, Nash

Nash Celson is a human con artist who lives in the town of Helmet's Dent, in the Farsteppes.

Central Plains

The Central Plains are a region of the Old World.

Chandlers Guild

The Chandlers Guild is a human commercial organization that produces candles and related equipment as well as books and printing presses.


Headquartered in Ack, with offices in Bellybrush, Marby, and Sherwyn.


Chauntean Monastery


Chauntean Ruffians

The Chauntean Ruffians were a local militia in northwest Sherwyn County, based out of the Chauntean Monastery. The majority of the Ruffians were killed by Brother Sun, Ilea, and the Vagrant on the 14th of Blooming, 80pc.


Craig, Greg (deceased), Breg (deceased), Queg (deceased), Eric (deceased), Jeff (deceased), Jorge (deceased), Carter (deceased), Sammy (deceased), Ja'Michael (deceased), Decio (deceased), Waltin (deceased), Leonte (deceased), and Rodnell (deceased).

Massacre of 80pc

Cloudbound Trading Company

The Cloudbound Trading Company is a commercial organization operated by humans, with offices in Ack and across the Green Delta, the Central Plains, the Farsteppes, and the Unseen Sea.


The Cloudbound Trading Company is headquartered in Ack, with offices in Arathel, Bellybrush, Gnalens Helmet's Dent, Marby, Pled, Sherwyn, and Tayopopopolis.


Cokeberries are a tart purple berry that grow natively in Arathel County, and have been cultivated in the area around Gnalens.

Collapse, The

The Collapse was a catastrophic event in which all magic in Teraum destructed with chaotic effects, occuring on the 1st of Sleeting, 0pc.

The Collapse was caused due to magic's, well, magical properties. In this instance, it was that "too much magic in one spot causes it all to destruct chaotically."

Chronology of the Collapse

Humanity's rapid growth, aided by the industrialization of magic, led to Ack becoming a center for economic activity.


Copper Ward

The Copper Ward is a ward of the city of Ack, located in the eastern part of the city along the Green River.


Cows are a domesticated species used by humans for their milk, meat, leather, and other byproducts.



D [0/6]

Nabrish, Arandul

Arandul Nabrish is a human who lives in the town of Bellybrush, where he runs the Masked Mortuary with his father, Daxol.

Nabrish, Daxol

Daxol Nabrish is a human who lives in the town of Bellybrush, where he runs the Masked Mortuary with his son, Arandul.

Death Mask

A death mask is a type of mundane treasure created by Daxol and Arandul Nabrish in the Masked Mortuary, in the town of Bellybrush. The masks are created by using a wax cast of the deceased's face, artfully distorted while warm, to create a clay mold.

Delvers, The

The Delvers is a human organization that collects and preserves magic artifacts.


The Delvers' reformation was ironically caused by the efforts of the Red Ward to secure access to the remaining evidence of their existence from Barnabus Trent in 80pc.

Trent, formerly a high-ranking member of the Delvers, was the owner and proprietor of Ye Olde Curio Shop, an antique store in the town of Bellybrush in the Green Delta. In addition to the mundane objects he bought and sold, he also made an effort to collect magical artifacts, even though due to the effects of the Collapse, the items had no power.

His collection drew the attention of the Red Ward, who used their connections with the Chandlers Guild to begin digging a tunnel through the town sewers to gain access to the Curio Shop's basement. To cover up the noise of their efforts, the Guild sent Aaron Pollar, posing as Syggrian Graymane to the Shop in early Blooming, 80pc.

On the 13th of Blooming, 80pc, Barnabus Trent, already suspicious, places a listing on the local job board looking for someone to help guard his shop. The following day, Jenos Anadini and Kindal, two humans who had arrived in town on the 12th, after the airship they were on crashed, responded to the listing.

When they returned to Ye Olde Curio Shop after buying some supplies, Greymane is in the store and is berating Trent about a pair of dice that Greymane had supposedly sold to the store several days prior. While Greymane had sold several objects to the store, the dice were not among them and the argument was to cover noise caused by imps digging into the Shop's basement.


Denitus was an accountant working for a bank in Ack prior to the Collapse.


Dorth is a small village in the Green Delta.


Dwarves are a fallen species in the Old World, occupying the Worldkeepers.

E [0/6]


Earthworms are a useful species that turns stuff into useful dirt.

Edward Gnork

Edward Gnork was a human researcher of dwarven engineering.


The Elflands are a region of unknown size in the New World, comprised of many diverse forested biomes.


Elo was a clerk who worked as a slaver for the Chandlers Guild.


Elves are a fallen species in the New World, occupying the Elflands and more remote parts of Halfling Country.


Erenin is a village in the Green Delta.


Eridrin is a small town in TK.



F [0/4]

Falone, Ander

Ander Falone is the lieutenant governor of the city of Gnalens in the New World.


Fascism is a political belief held by some humans.


The Farfarsteppes are a region in the Old World.


The Farsteppes are a region in the Old World.


A folly is a type of structure that has no real purpose, but looks nice. Here's a (possibly incomplete) list of follies, arranged alphabetically by the town or region they were built in.


Forlond is a small village in the Green Delta.


Freke was a human who spent most of his life in the Farfarsteppes, before emigrating to the Green Delta, where he was promptly killed by a fascist.

G [0/12]

Garlic Boar



Gnalens is a human city in Halfling Country, in New World. It is governed by the Governor, under charter from the Red Ward.

Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction

Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction is a manual written by Edward Gnork in 81bc. The book contains a breadth and depth of information about dwarven building methods, including their recipes for concrete and schematics for building foundries and other facilities.

Known Copies

As the book was published before the advent of the printing press, there were very few original copies of the text, and even fewer survive today. It is suspected that inside the library at Honeyfern Laboratories there may be a copy. It's known that Jenos Anadini possess a copy.


Goblins are a species of magical creature, and the oldest sapient species on Teraum. Native to the Widewoods, they at one point had settlements as far as the Central Plains and Unseen Sea.

Physically, goblins are between three to four-and-a-half feet tall, with black hair and skin that is various shades of blue and green.

Their small size led to them being subjugated by other magical species throughout their history, and that oppression has shaped their culture.

Oral History
Escape from the Worldkeep

In 29400bc, a clan of goblins led by Uzdar Brag raided the Knotted Hell region of the Worldkeep.


The gods are a collection of lifeforms (though not a single species) whose only shared attribute is that they require belief for sustenance.


The Governor is the leader of the city of Gnalens and the surrounding farmland in Halfling Country.

Graymane, Syggrian

Syggrian Graymane was an identity used by the Chandlers Guild to conduct espionage and sabotage.

Great Wars, The

The Great Wars were a series of conflicts between human populations in the Green Delta, Central Plains, Farsteppes, and Unseen Sea.

Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure

The Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure is a region of the Green Delta governed by the Red Ward, established in 80pc.


Following the Fire of 80pc in Ack, the Red Ward used its influence to coordinate reconstruction efforts. To facilitate bureaucratic oversight, they established what they referred to as the Greater Ack Metropolitan Enclosure, which was the contiguous area where they had an allegiance with the local human government.



Green Delta

The Green Delta is a temperate region in the Old World.


Ack is the de facto capital of the human world. See the entry for Ack.


Bellybrush is a large human town located approximately one-and-a-half miles east of the city of Ack along the Kingsroad.

Canary Docks

The Canary Docks, located at marker 1 on the map of the Green Delta, is a small smugglers port located about 15 miles north of Ack, on the coast of the Optic Ocean.

Green River

The Green River is a large river that flows from the Worldkeepers to the Optic Ocean.

H [0/12]

Halfling Country

Halfling Country is a region of the New World formerly occupied by halflings, but now colonized by humans.

In the southern part of the region is the Southwoods. The region is surrounded to the north, west, and south by the Elflands, and to the east by the Optic Ocean


Halflings are an extinct species that formerly occupied Halfling Country in the New World, before the Collapse caused them to fall and they were hunted by the also-fallen elves.


After the Collapse, halflings were hunted to extinction by fallen elves.

Harden, Gegin

Gegin Harden was a human who lived in the Unseen Sea during the 1st century, post-Collapse, and was married to Renkah.

Helder, Wayne

Wayne Helder was a member of the merchant class in the city of Gnalens and a member of the Leatherworkers Guild.

Helmet's Dent

Helmet's Dent is a human town in the Farsteppes. Originally a mining community, it has become a trading community that facilitates commerce between the nomadic human tribes of the Farsteppes and the settled humans in the Central Plains.

Holder, Holman

Holman Holder is an impoverished human who lives on Gibbet Street in Bellybrush.

Honeyfern Laboratories

Honeyfern Laboratories is a research facility in southwest Arathel County, owned and operated by Aldous Honeyfern. The lab also employs Barnabus Trent.


Relocation to Bellybrush

After the Fire of 80pc, Aldous Honeyfern was forced, like many others, to relocate. On the 14th of Blooming, 80pc, Aldous posted a listing on the job board in Bellybrush, wanting someone to head into the ruins of Ack and recover items from his old laboratory.

Honeyfern, Aldous

Aldous Honeyfern is a human researcher and proprietor of Honeyfern Laboratories. Born in 23pc, Honeyfern was a member of the Delvers during the end of Rickle Axager's tenure as the group's leader. When the Delvers were outlawed by the Ackian Merchant Kings, Honeyfern abadoned the group. He went on to become a researcher and, through the 40s and 50s, created a number of machines that were used in the Great Wars.

After the Fire of 80pc, Honeyfern reconnected with Barnabus Trent, who had been a member of the Delvers concurrent with him. Trent assisted Honeyfern in establishing Honeyfern Laboratories in exchange for Aldous rejoining the re-formed Delvers, now led by Trent.

House Ellon

House Ellon is a defunct noble house in the Farsteppes that previously controlled what is now Castle Oru and the lands around it.

House Monic

House Monic is an estate in the Farsteppes, one of the few still owned by nobility.

Hucklebee, Atrix

Atrix Hucklebee is a human member of the Blacksmith's Guild.


Humans are a sapient species occupying the Old World and parts of the New World. They are currently the dominant sapient life in Teraum.


The Hunnul was an airship built by the Cloudbound Trading Company. It operated a trade route between Helmet's Dent, Tayopolis, and Ack.

Last Flight

At around 1100h on the 12th of Blooming, 80pc, people began boarding the Hunnul in the town of Helmet's Dent, in the Farsteppes. Among the passengers are Renkah, Freke, Kindal, and Jenos Anadini.

Operated by the Cloudbound Trading Company, the Hunnul normally traveled from Helmet's Dent to Tayopolis before arriving in Ack.


Figure 13: A sketch of passengers boarding the Hunnul, drawn by Stirling Little.

This time, stop in Tayopolis was being bypassed due to storms, so the ship was bound straight for Ack. This meant the Hunnul would be traveling further north over the Central Plains than normal.

Around four hours later, when entering the Green Delta, the Hunnul was attacked by unusually large ravens, and began to crash.

As it descended, Renkah, Freke, Kindal, and Jenos were teleported to a concrete hallway occupied by Jerry the Nowit. Jerry requested a book from the four humans, while unintentionally causing them physical harm with his vision.

When Jerry learned the four do not have the book he is looking for, he attacked Jenos and Freke, injuring Jenos. However, before Jerry is able to harm Freke, the four humans are teleported back to the Hunnul, which has just impacted into a cabbage field in southern Pled County. They gather their supplies and begin to head to the main road and nearest town, Bellybrush.


At around 1030h on the 13th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal used the Red Ward Job Board in Bellybrush to recruit Ross Camden to recover some of his belongings from the site where the Hunnul's cargo cabin crashed the previous day.

They're able to recover some items, though their efforts are inhibited by the presence of fascists who are also interested in looting the wreckage, and unusually large ravens who appeared, to Kindal, to be searching through the wreckage for a specific item.

I [0/2]


Ilea is a human hunter who lived in Halfling Country before traveling to the Old World in 80pc.

ilea.jpg ilea-1.jpg


Imps are a magic species.

J [1/3]


Jelf is a wizard who lives somewhere in Arathel County.

Jerry the Nowit

Jerry the Nowit is a nowit who exists trapped in Jerry's Hallway, within the Worldkeep. Jerry became trapped in the Hallway during the Collapse, after being pulled into his copy of Gnork's Encyclopedia of Dwarven Construction.

Since the Collapse, Jerry has been undisturbed in his Hallway, save for a singular incident on the 12th of Blooming, 80pc. Then, four humans were teleported into the hallway during the crash of the airship Hunnul. One of the humans, Jenos Anadini was in possession a copy of Gnork's Encyclopedia, but the four humans, including Jenos, teleported away before Jerry could take it.

Jerry's Hallway

Jerry's Hallway is a part of the Worldkeep where Jerry the Nowit is trapped.

Jonmark, Thomas

Thomas Jonmark is an accountant who works for the Red Ward.

K [0/4]

Kaiper River

The Kaiper River is a small river that flows through the northwest Green Delta, originating from marshes in the northern part of Arathel County.

Kent, Bellarius

Bellarius Kent was an accountant for a bank in Ack whose ledgerkeeping catalyzed the Collapse.


Kibbil is a small town in southwest Arathel County, just south of the Kaiper River, and approximately 10 miles east of the Canary Docks. It is located at marker 2 of the map of the Green Delta.


Kindal is a human member of the Delvers.



Travel to the Green Delta

On the 12th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal boarded the airship Hunnul, bound for Ack. The ship was attacked and crashed, but Kindal was one of the four survivors.

Scavenging with Ross Camden

On the 13th of Blooming, 80pc, Kindal used a job board in Bellybrush to hire Ross Camden to help him recover some of his supplies from the Hunnul's crash site.

Upon arrival, they encounter fascists who are hesitant to enter the crash site because of the presence of unusually large ravens.


The Kingsroad is a road that follows the southern coast of the Green River through the Green Delta and into the Central Plains.


Kolpe is Renkah's eldest son.


L [0/3]


Lanfon is a small village in the Green Delta.

Last Baron, The

The Last Baron is the last member of House Ellon, last rumored to be somewhere in the Farsteppes, perhaps somewhere near Castle Oru.

Lazy Mare Tribe

The Lazy Mare Tribe is a nomadic group of humans who live in the Farsteppes. They are known for their mercantile prowess


In 3400bc, the Lazy Mare Tribe invented ragar, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented mares milk.


Leatherworkers Guild

The Leatherworkers Guild is a labor guild with an inordinate number of merchant members. They also notably have a strong presence in the New World.


One member was the merchant Wayne Helder whose identity was assumed by the Vagrant on the 2nd of Melting, 80pc.

Little, Stirling

Stirling Little is a real person who was the player behind Renkah from the 3rd of Showering, 80pc to the 18th of Blooming, 80pc. He also drew some of the art from that era. He maintains a presence on Instagram at @stirlzzz.


Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock that is abundant in the northern Green Delta and Old World coast of the Unseen Sea.


Lumorb was a magical tool created by Dr. Altar Sendvogue, a human that lived in the city of Ack from


Lystra is a goddess of magic. She does not have many worshippers on Teraum, but is quite powerful anyway. Notably, there is a monastery to her in the Elflands.

Lystran Monastery

The Lystran Monastery is an human monastery in the Elflands, built in 51bc by monks who worshipped Lystra, who were seeking to avoid the modernization of magic.


M [0/7]


Madrin is a mostly-human individual whose great-great-great-grandfather was a goblin named Madrin Squeal. Madrin was born in 44pc in the town of Marby.

He was an emotional child, and that led to him having difficulty finding steady work as an adult. Eventually, Madrin found himself in the custody of the Bellybrush Asylum.

On the 28th of Winter, 80pc, Madrin escaped from the asylum and built himself a shack in the area of Gibbet Street, in Bellybrush. His emotional outbursts have been getting worse recently, as an increase in magic in the area - being carried from the Worldkeepers by the Green River, is causing the goblin in him to assert itself. This also causes Madrin to have exceptionally strong body odor.

Madrin Squeal

Madrin Squeal was a goblin who lived in the southern Green Delta from 72bc to 55bc. Notably he is the great-great-great-grandfather of Madrin, a destitute mostly-human resident of the town of Bellybrush.


Marby is a town in the Green Delta.


Magic is a physical substance which is generated within the Worldkeep and necessary for many species in Teraum.

Magic Items

Magical Revolution

The Magical Revolution was a period of human history defined by the rapid development of magically-assisted industrialization. The period is generally viewed as beginning in 72bc when humanity discovered the New World and ended with The Collapse.

Mother Jaffa

Mother Jaffa is a human who runs the orphanage in the town of Bellybrush.


Notable Events

Notable Figures


The multiverse is the known whole of reality, containing all universes.

N [0/3]


Nell is a young girl who lives in the orphanage in the town of Bellybrush. She occassionally acquires magic items for Barnabus Trent.

New World

The New World is a continent of unknown size located east across the Optic Ocean. Discovered by humans in 72bc, the continent is natively home to elves and formerly halflings.

Discovery by Humans

In 72bc, human explorers from Ack reached the New World, arriving in the northern part of Halfling Country.


Nowits are a sapient species who are created by wizards who pursue immortality and fail.


Nubbles is a young human that lives in the tenement in the town of Bellybrush.


Nulbuk is a village in the Green Delta.

O [0/12]


Odin is a god who is not native to Teraum.

Old World

The Old World is a continent of indeterminate size, known as the Old World because it has been occupied by humans longer than the New World, which was discovered in 72bc.

One Route

The One Route is a transoceanic merchant vessel which maintains multiple routes on both coasts of the Optic Ocean.

Optic Ocean

The Optic Ocean is a large body of water between the Old and New Worlds. It earned its name because prior to the Collapse, the waters of the ocean luminesced in many hues, due to the high concentration of magic.


Orcs are a magical species.

Oru, Renkah

Renkah is a human leader in the Farsteppes.






Renkah Oru was born in 47pc in the Unseen Sea, a member of a nomadic tribe of humans. In 61pc she married Gegin Harden and two years later, in 63pc she gave birth to her first son, Kolpe.

In 65pc she gave birth to triplet daughters, Ronna, Donna, and Tonna, and in 68pc she gave birth to a son, Rual.

The next year, Renkah and Gegin, aware that the Unseen Sea was no longer able to provide a stable life, decided to emigrate. They set a course north, toward the Worldkeepers, knowing that the Farsteppes had suffered their own hardships, but aware that meant there would be land for those who could take it.

In 70pc, Gegin passed away from a sickness, but Renkah continued on her journey through the mountains.

In 73pc, Renkah settled into a castle in the Farsteppes that was occupied by a few of the staff, but abandoned by its noble house. She names it after the mythical Castle Oru of her tribe's history.

In 75pc, Renkah gives birth to another daughter, Ekunit.

On the 22nd of Rotting, 79pc, an accountant named Thomas Jonmark comes to Castle Oru from the Red Ward with an invoice for House Ellon, or whoever currently occupies their lands. Renkah decides to take Thomas hostage.

On the 3rd of Showering, 80pc Renkah is hired by Nash Celson in the town of Helmet's Dent, to be part of a team hired to kill bandits occupying his [[House Monic][family home] Celson promised the team, consisting of Renkah, Jenos Anadini, and Kindal, substantial financial compensation upon their success. Journeying to the location of the house, the team encountered a garlic boar, which attacked them. In trying to defend themselves, Jenos accidentally shoots Renkah through the leg, but they're successful in driving away the boar. Unfortunately, the time the fight took meant they didn't have time to make it to Celson's house before sundown, so they head back to Helmet's Dent.

Oru, Kolpe

Oru, Rual

Oru, Donna

Oru, Tonna

Oru, Ekunit

Oru, Ronna


P [0/10]

Par, Dokas

Dokas Par was a blacksmith and weapon-seller who lived in the town of Bellybrush with his wife Milly Par before they were murdered by their daughter Negalis on the 1st of Blooming, 80pc.

Par, Milly

Milly Par was a blacksmith and weapon-seller who lived in the town of Bellybrush with her husband Dokas before they were murdered by their daughter Negalis on the 1st of Blooming, 80pc.

Par, Negalis

Negalis Par is a human who lived in the town of Bellybrush before murdering her parents, Dokas and Milly Par on the 1st of Blooming, 80pc.


Pigs are a domesticated species in Teraum.


Pled is a human town in the northwest Green Delta, and is the seat of Pled County.



Pled County

Pled County is the northwestern county of the Green Delta.

Pocket Dragon

Pocket dragon was a magical tool created by Altar Sendvogue in 52bc. The tool consists of a brass cylinder with a brass cap, approximately two inches long and one-third inch in diameter. When the cap is removed, an internal lever triggers a spring which puts the magic contained in the cylinder under pressure, causing the uncapped end of the cylinder to heat up rapidly to around 600 degrees.

Pollar, Aaron

Aaron Pollar is a member of the Chandlers Guild who notably posed as Syggrian Greymane in events that led to the reformation of the Delvers.


Povator is a god of woodlands.

Printing Press

The printing press is a human invention that enabled the rapid copying of written documents.

R [0/5]


Ragar is an alcoholic beverage made from mare's milk. It is the cultural drink of many nomadic human communities in the Farsteppes.

Red Ward

The Red Ward is a district of the city of Ack and a quasi-governmental organization which operates out of that district.

Red Ward Job Board

The Red Ward Job Board is a public service provided by the Red Ward, where they maintain a bulletin board in a community to help facilitate the local economy.

Red Ward Postal Service

Reinhard, Osmits

Osmits Reinhard was a human who was one of the first to settle the town of Arathel in the Green Delta. He established the Reinhard Lumber Mill in 477bc and constructed the Reinhard Estate in 470bc. In the summer of 460bc, after failing to pay his workers, he was hanged in the town square and his assets were seized by the villagers, though his estate remained standing.

Reinhard Lumber Mill

The Reinhard Lumber Mill is a lumber mill in the town of Arathel first opened in 474bc.

S [0/11]

Sendvogue, Altar

Dr. Altar Sendvogue was a human inventory who was a key figure in the Magical Revolution. Born in the city of Ack in 91bc, Sendvogue invented several notable tools, including the pocket dragon, lumorb, and autohearth.


Sharrin is a village in the Green Delta.


Sheep are a domesticated species that are cultivated for their many useful products. They are cultivated by humans throughout the world, with the except of the Unseen Sea.


Sheep are perhaps most known for their wool, a textile fiber sheared from their coat.


Sherwyn is a town in the southeast part of the Green Delta, and is the county seat of Sherwyn County.

Sherwyn County

Northwest Sherwyn County


Siggrit is a god of earthworms.


Sing-sing is a narcotic created with magic through a process of distillation. Its effects are whatever the consumer most believes its effects will be, until the user recognizes that, at which point it becomes a mildly addictive entactogenic sedative.

Smith, Wadren

Wadren Smith is an impoverished human who lives on Gibbet Street in Bellybrush.


The Southwoods are a wooded region in the southern part of Halfling Country.

Sovel, Henri

Henri Sovel is the proprietor of Sovel's, in the town of Bellybrush.


A lifeform's species is its basic unit of classification.

Fallen Species

A fallen species is a species which was sapient, but due to the lack of magic in Teraum, are not. The exact consequence for each species losing its magically-imbued sapience is unique.


A species is considered extinct when there are no known living members of it, and have not been for quite some time.

Spiders, Giant

Giant spiders are a species of magical creature.


Stevie was a human flight attendant for the Cloudbound Trading Company who was aboard the Hunnul when it crashed.

Squash Ward

The Squash Ward was one of the wards of the city of Ack prior to its destruction in the Fire of 80pc.


Squashboard is cardboard.

T [0/4]


Tayopopopolis is a large human city in the Unseen Sea.


Teraum is a world in multiverse that was created as a "garden" outside the Worldkeep.


Terro is a village in the Green Delta.

Toy Cyclops

The toy cylops is a stuffed cotton doll that resembles an adorable cyclops with an intricately cast glass eye stitched securely into it. The toy cyclops is currently in the possession of Renkah.

Notably, the glass eye inside it belongs to Odin, who is currently searching Teraum with his unusually large ravens looking for it.

Trent, Barnabus

Barnabus Trent is a human who works on the staff of Honeyfern Laboratories.

U [0/3]

Unseen Sea

The Unseen Sea is a desert of indeterminate size located southeast of the Central Plains, south of the Worldkeepers.

Old World Coast

Unusually Large Ravens

Unusually large ravens are an avian species not native to Teraum. It is suspected that they are exploring the planet on behalf of Odin, a god. This suspicion is true, they are looking for one of Odin's favorite glass eyes, which is currently stitched into.

Uzdar Brag

Uzdar Brag was a goblin leader who lived from 29407bc to 29392bc and is remembered in their oral history for him leading them out of the Worldkeep into Teraum.

V [0/1]

Vagrant, The

The Vagrant is a human criminal.


W [0/6]


Wafeld is a village in the Green Delta.

Wattsman's Medicinal

Wattsman's Medicinal was a apocathery in Gnalens.


The Widewoods are a region of subtropical forest in the Old World, south of the Green Delta and east of the Optic Ocean, with the Unseen Sea bounding its other sides.


The Worldkeep is a large subteraumean facility containing many diverse environments for housing several thousand variety of species.



Jerry's Hallway
Knotted Hell

Knotted Hell is the part of the Worldkeep where giant spiders live.


Created by the gods in 54000bc, the facility was conceived as a storage facility for their excess creations, notably those which proved incompatible with the rest of their work.


In 30000bc, the Worldkeep's walls breached, allowing some species to escape. The first species to escape were giant spiders into the Widewoods, followed by goblins. Orcs were able to move into the Farsteppes, while humans moved into the Central Plains. Dwarves built fortresses in the Worldkeepers. In the New World, halflings and elves were able to make a home for themselves.


The Worldkeepers are a mountain range of indeterminate size, located east of the Central Plains and north of the Unseen Sea.


Wybert is a clerk who works as a slaver for the Chandlers Guild.

Y [0/1]

Ye Olde Curio Shop

Ye Old Curio Shop is an abandoned store in the town of Bellybrush. Formerly owned by Barnabus Trent, the building was abandoned on the 18th of Blooming, 80pc.






I've noticed that I use some sounds to mean the same concept repeatedly, but the terms don't really warrant their own dictionary definition. I guess canonically, these might be in "Old Common" or similar?


caer - noun, a small enclosed settlement that is about evenly split between military and civilian use.


tyg - noun, holiday, see the Calendar.


54000bc to 3000bc

54000bc to 53001bc
30000bc to 29001bc
4000bc to 3001bc

900bc to 801bc


800bc to 701bc


500bc to 401bc

480bc to 471bc
470bc to 461bc
  • In the town of Arathel, Osmits Reinhard builds an estate and begins taxing residents in exchange for maintaining a militia.
460bc to 451bc
450bc to 441bc

100bc to 1bc

100bc to 91bc
80bc to 71bc
70bc to 61bc
60bc to 51bc
50bc to 41bc
40bc to 31bc
30bc to 21bc
20bc to 11bc
10bc to 1bc

0pc to 99pc

0pc to 9pc
Sleeting, 0pc
1st of Sleeting, 0pc
10pc to 19pc
20pc to 29pc
30pc to 39pc
40pc to 49pc
50pc to 59pc
60pc to 69pc
70pc to 79pc
Rotting, 79pc
22nd of Rotting, 79pc
80pc to 89pc
Winter, 80pc
28th of Winter, 80pc
Melting, 80pc
2nd of Melting, 80pc
Showering, 80pc
3rd of Showering, 80pc
Blooming, 80pc

In the month of Blooming, 80pc, the city of Ack was nearly burnt down.

1st of Blooming, 80pc
12th of Blooming, 80pc
13th of Blooming, 80pc
14th of Blooming, 80pc
18th of Blooming, 80pc




Figure 27: A map of the city of Ack, produced with Inkarnate.

Key Description
1 Red Ward
2 Northward
3 Astar Ward
8 Dock Ward
14 Brass Ward
17 Kingsroad
26 Eastgate

Green Delta


Key Description
1 Canary Docks
2 Kibbil
4 Southeast Arathel County
5 Arathel
6 Old Arathel
7 Baruk
8 Crash site of the Hunnul's passenger cabin
9 Crash site of the Hunnul's cargo cabin
10 Crash site of the Hunnul's crew cabin
12 Lanfon
13 Northwest Sherwyn County
14 Terro
15 Dorth
16 Forlond
17 Erenin
18 Carrot Docks
20 Nulbuk
22 Sharrin
23 Alindest
24 Arlonest
25 Pled
26 Marby
27 Eridrin
29 Wafeld
31 Sherwyn
Arathel County
Southeast Arathel County


Figure 29: A map of southeast Arathel County, created in Inkarnate.

Sherwyn County
Northwest Sherwyn County


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