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Eco-Industrialism is a page tagged with eco industrialism. It was released on Oct 16, 2019.

It is not necessary that our society depend on constant consumption and growth to flourish. I believe we can restructure ourselves to work in cooperation with our global ecology, instead of through its exploitation.

What is “eco-industrialism”?

Eco-industrialism is a label for my social philosophy. It recognizes that:

  1. Humans must produce for themselves, food and goods, in order to live.
  2. Such production requires consumption.
  3. If we consume all our resources, we can't keep producing, so we can't keep living. (We'll go extinct.)
  4. So, human consumption needs to be sustainable.

It is an extension of the concepts prevalent in sustainable agriculture to all fields of human labor.

Why eco-industrialism?

Our social institutions are led by our existing industrial institutions: capitalistic conglomerate corporations. These corporations, liable to their shareholders, must work to secure greater profit. This pursuit of profit has led to decisions which have exploited our environment, causing a global harm to our ecology that is accelerating in severity.

We must restructure our means of industry so that sustainable use of our environment is prioritized over profit. Local democracies operating in confederation via recallable delegates (industrial unionism) seems like the only way to achieve that level of accountability, regardless of our level of technology or infrastructure.

How would we implement eco-industrialism?

I am not sure. My notions of eco-industrialism intersect with the concepts of industrial unionism and eco-socialism, so their means are likely to be in-line with mine: removing support for exploitative industries while building democratic ones.

Where can I learn more?

Here's some relevant Wikipedia articles: