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Do New Web Communication Services Fail Because They're Object Oriented?

This might be wrong because I’m new to the concepts but I feel like we treat a lot of doing stuff online in an object-oriented way, each service holds a bit of us an object and those all interact in different ways and we tap into the messaging and side-effects to get useful stuff.

Whereas some stuff, like (not webclient) email, is more functional, where the input and output are files on your computer, and the service just exists to do operations on them.

And I wonder if part of the conceptual struggle to build better Internet communication systems isn’t because the people working to build those systems are, because they’re competing for market share (because they want grants and shit, at least), building them inside this object-y framework, so they can’t actually address the problems that are (might be, I’m hypothesising) a consequence of that framework.

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