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I Love Enabling Collaboration

I’ve recently thought that a lot of the projects I start have are, at their core, very similar. They are almost all about making it easier for people to contribute to & collaborate on projects of different sorts. This thought led to me thinking of how I could explain this to people succinctly, since as much as I resist, I need to think about personal branding.

What I came up with was:

I love enabling collaboration.

I really do. And as I said, a lot of my projects dance around fulfilling that love in one way or another. And what I love is bringing the ideas of open-source collaboration to things that aren’t conventional software development.

Unfortunately, I’m quite distractable, which means that frequently, I move onto another project before I’m anywhere near done with one. Maybe that’s part of the appeal in collaboration for me: the project can move forward thanks to the work of the other people involved, even if I get distracted.

That distractability is also probably what encouraged two other interests I have that relate to enabling collaboration: open-source, and good documentation.

Releasing my stuff as open source, and hosting the code in public repositories means that even if I move on from a project for a few months, or even a few years, I can still pick it back up when I come back around to the idea.

And writing good documentation means that I can pick it back up quickly, rather than having to hope I remember what I was thinking whenever I last worked on it. Because, let’s be honest, I won’t.

Unfortunately (it seems I can start a lot of sentences about myself with this word), I’ve not been very good at living up to any of this. I’m going to try to be better about it, in part by adding posts here that explain my progress and thoughts.

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