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Is Developer Bias an Infringement of Free Software?

So, I have a question. Is there any real difference between what tusky’s doing, of treating a specific url in the code to a rickroll, and when a browser has redirects to their own pages builtin? I get the intent is different, deplatforming versus marketing, but source code is code, and doesn’t carry intent.

I don’t really see there as being a difference, but I’ve never heard anyone argue that builtin promote-thyself links are against the spirit of free software.

Like I just… I don’t get the argument. Free software has no guarantee of fitness for a particular utility. That’s not one of explicit four freedoms but it’s a cultural thing we all appreciate, that software isn’t “bad” because it doesn’t meet every use. that’s fine, because you can just change it to be more fit, right? Like…

I guess I’m asking, is this a grey area in the philosophy of free software, or misconstruing it? I think the latter, but I don’t know.

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