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Looking at my Org-mode Files

I’ve been using Org-mode more and more heavily for the past… year, or so.

In that time, I’ve shuffled a lot of files around in my org-mode directory, but without always making sure older parts continued to make sense. Most importantly, I have a lot of little Org-mode macros scattered across different projects, which means every time I export anything from that project, it has to load all the macros, and that takes time.

So, as I said, I have a a directory named org/ in my home directory.

That directory in turn contains these directories:

The clients/ directory contains a directory for each of my current clients, as well as a directory called archive/ that contains a directory for each of my past clients. Client directories are similar in layout to a project directory.

The personal/ directory is also laid out like a project, which is, it contains two subdirectories, pub/ and src/. src/ is where the Org-mode files themselves are located, and pub/ is where any exported reports go, such as logs I’ve rendered exported to PDF to print out.

The projects/ directory has most of my stuff - and when I say that, I mean it; almost everything I make is one or more Org-mode files. Explaining why is outside the scope of this document.

Each project has a src/ and pub/ directory. Here is a list of other files and directories my projects might have:

I’m honestly not able to think of anything else that is common between different projects.

Finally, the triage/ directory contains Org-mode files that I haven’t decided a better place for yet - such as a new piece of writing that I’m unsure if it’ll be a letter, post, or what. For example, the file I’m writing this text in is in triage/

Having written most of it, though, I’ll probably move it into projects/posts/src/

Anyway, that’s the layout of my Org-mode directory, as it currently stands.

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