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New Sam Jones House, The

Back in August, I moved into what was formerly Dr. Poplar’s, and started calling it the Sam Jones House, after the property I lived at last summer.

The original Sam Jones House was intended to be an escape for musicians and other artists; it was where a lot of the conceptual meetings for Three Corners Collective happened. Unfortunately, I was involved in an accident which left me unable to properly maintain the space, plus my wheelchair wouldn’t have fit in the bathroom. <_<

Annnyway, I’m again back in a house which I’d like to turn into Sam Jones House, 2!

It’s much closer to town, slightly larger, and oh yeah, has its own recording studio, courtesy of Saman Khoujinian. Recording studio… oh yeah! We’re also able to offer rehearsal space, and hushed tones maybe more musical services in the future.

Outside of the music stuff, I want to encourage artists of all mediums to get involved. There were be outdoor sculpture areas available, as well as wall-space for all you 2D sorts.

Beyond the arts, there’s enough outdoor space here that I’m going to be able to clear more land than I’ll be able to use. And that means a community garden! Details will be coming this spring, but already this fall my housemate and I have been establishing a hot compost pile, and I’ve been dipping my hand into vermiculture (composting w/ worms, which means I got’cher live bait, fisherfolk friends.)

For fans of the old Sam Jones, I’m again going to be producing yoghurt (the h means it’s local & organic & crap), water kefir, beer, seasonal wines, a lot of pesto (hit me up if you’re interested I’ve got a surplus ATM). New products this fall are various sprouts (bean sprout mixes for stir-frying and cooking, and salad sprouts for salads, and apparently sandwiches?!)), and red wiggler worms (very low supply in north carolina, and fish love ‘em, google it).

This status is just to sum up what’s happening here now. Expect some more posts to highlight what we’re planning for the winter & spring.

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