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Planning How to Publicly Share Activities

I was out cutting wildflowers for a bouquet earlier and it occurred to me that I use microblogging for a few discrete sorts of tasks, that I’ll try and list here:

Now, this last one, I can’t do much to change because there are quite a few people who post exclusively, or at least most of the time, through federated microblogging. Luckily because that usually means they’re using ActivityPub, I can send a reply to them without having to have an account on their server, or even necessarily on the same platform.

To a lesser extent this is true for the second point as well. There are some people who, if I don’t broadcast my stuff throgh ActivityPub, they won’t see it. But that doesn’t mean I need to shar ethe opinions directly through the microblog. I could share them through another media first, and then just link them, such as as one of the events in a list of activity updates.

Writing this out hasn’t stated it, but I guess there’s another separation between types of statuses I make and it’s that a small fraction of them are factual activity updates, and then a much larger majority of the statuses are blathering on about my opinions.

That’s not the most useful way I could to things. I’m going to ignore the opinion-sharing side of things for now and look at how I share statuses - and how I should.

I think I can make an Org-mode file that can be heavily tagged, and exported with Ox-Hugo to Hugo-compatible Markdown, which Hugo can then turn into HTML and JSON. I know that’s a long chain, but it’s the same I use for a lot of my “write something and take it and some other information and turn it into a completely different document.

Though the other main reason is, these are the tools I know, so they make sense to me. But also, it’s the concepts behind this stuff that matter more to me right now than the actual implementation.

This’ll be quite similar to another project I’m working on, Hugo Media Package Channel Theme, that does much the same thing, but the output files are a manifest of where my writing is available and in what formats.

Because of the similarity, I’m going to bypass planning out how the Org-mode source and Hugo templates will look, since I have a good enough idea and implement them and then share and explain that.

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