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Thoughts on the Watershed of the Internet

There’s a twitter thread someone may be able to find that discusses how unlike many fields, computer science has not had its “reckoning,” the way physics did with the atomic bomb or chemistry did with chemical warfare, and as such, ethics is not a part of its education the way first year physics students have to learn about the ethics of their prospective field.

I’m wondering what what the watershed event will be - have we had it and we don’t recognize it? had it and it’s still kept secret from us? or still to come? I would’ve hoped the Christchurch mosque shooting would’ve been it, but that seems to have been forgotten as fast as anything else.

When we look back at this, will the watershed event - the Kent State shooting, the immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, the 410 Sack of Rome, it’s early and I can’t namedrop more history - have already happened and it’s an event we know of, or has it happened and we don’t know it has yet, or is it yet to come.

Not to nitpick my point but I feel like y’all are treating it like a silly question for no reason, but if it’s either of the first two, then that means it’s something we can do something about, by putting it into the crucible of public attention and amplifying it as a symbol of the cultural decisions being made.

To make this more specific, when Sedazad focused on the death of a single protester as an important thing, even though other protesters were dying and in larger volume, we were able to greatly increase the “marketing” we were able to generate for ourselves, and thus funding and effort.

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