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Was Neda Christian?

I’ve recently been asked by a lot of people, privately, if I think Neda was Muslim or Christian. Some showed me a picture of Neda, wearing a necklace that looked like a cross. (I’d link it, but I don’t have it offhand.) After being asked around 10 times and saying “I’m not sure” or something to that effect, I figured I should go ask some Iranians for their take on things.

The response was unanimous: “Who cares?”

Not a single person I asked cared whether or not Neda was a Christian or Muslim*. They generally all were of the opinion that her death, and the protests, were not about religion. They were about the people, and the peoples’ rights. Religion, though important in Iran, is not the defining feature of these protests. All Iranians want to be have their voices heard. They don’t want to have the voices of the Muslims heard, they don’t want to have the voices of the Christians heard. They want the voices of the people heard.

So was Neda a Christian? Maybe? Does it matter? Not at all.

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