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Web Developers Can't Pass the Buck

There’s this thread going around the Fediverse about how metrics in web performance are bunk, but how it’s excusable because academics hadn’t yet demonstrated their bunkness.

Imagine if Boeing secured a thousand contracts to build a certain plane, and then when it turned out not to fly went, “Hey, it’s on the public sector universities to tell us how to do business, this ain’t our fault.”

If you build a business - or orient your professional self-education - around a certain premise being true, and you sell people services that to implement that premise to give them the result…

…It’s 100% on you for that. First off, where did you get the notion it was true? Clearly not from academics, so why is it their fault that it’s wrong?

I guess my abstract point here is:

Don’t do what the private sector tells you to and then blame the public sector for not warning you it’s wrong or protecting you from the consequences.

Especially not if the things you’re doing entitle you to one of the highest incomes a labourer can get. I won’t have much sympathy for your ignorance; you had every means to check your assumptions before you sunk capital into developing them.

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