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Why I've Stopped Posting

I’ve been avoiding the Fediverse these past few days. A conversation where both of us were misreading each other catalyzed it. Since then I’ve looked through my profile to see: am I getting a benefit from spending so much time here. Except for some education in Emacs and Org-mode… no.

Today I logged back in and saw a prominent admin complaining about “snowflakes,” and saw several people I’d had conversations with in that thread. They were proudly arguing opinions they’d presented to me as un-held ideas just weeks prior.

They misled me as to their beliefs to get me to try and have an honest conversation with them. Gross. I’ve expressed that many intelligence agencies, including my own, view decentralized communication as more readily sabotaged. I believe we may be seeing that happen, without any outside influence.

People, concerned about the risks of this type of online communication, are causing many of those risks by their attempts to prevent them - deploying block lists against theoretical threats, or elevating their annoyance with content warnings to be equivalent with actual violence.

Beyond those endemic problems, more personally I doubt whether I’ve been getting what I want from hanging out here. I end up in lots of debates about my beliefs, but not of the sort that push me to develop them… just general, resistance from kyriarchal supporters that serves to dissuade me from sharing opinions at all.

I honestly think journaling in private would be better, so that’s what I’ll be doing for a while. Bye, y’all!

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