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Makȟá Šá Guidebook

Makȟá Šá Guidebook is a(n) guidebook

it is about Makȟá Šá

it was released on Jul 9, 2020

This guidebook is written to help folk learn about the Makȟá Šá Workshop.

1 Areas

1.1 Overview

1.2 Behind Bowbar

1.2.1 Southeast Bowbar Bed Overview

This bed gets some mid-morning sun and dappled sunlight through the afternoon: it's shaded by 2.3. The soil is sandy gravel with a few inches of sandy soil on top.

As of [2020-07-07 Tue], this bed is planted with a mix of squash and melons and a bee balm with some bright red flowers. Plans

This area doesn't get runoff from anyplace and is at the top of a steep hill: it is pretty arid. It also gets, at best, dappled sunlight. Something with large roots that can establish itself into the hillside would probably be suitable - a perennial herb bush: perhaps this is where the two sage plants I have in the pallet garden can go? I could also see the Cotten's lamb's ear doing well in this space - though perhaps it'd be better in the northeast Bowbar bed.

1.2.2 Southwest Bowbar Bed

1.2.3 Northeast Bowbar Bed

1.2.4 Northwest Bowbar Bed

1.2.5 Bowbar Patio Bed

1.2.6 Bowbar Pathing

1.3 Around the Brickbox

1.3.1 Landscaping Beds Southeast Landscaping Bed Northeast Landscaping Bed Northside Landscaping Bed South Fernando Bed Overview

This bed gets sun from late morning until the evening, and a decent amount of rain off the roof of the Brick Box & Fernando's office. However, the rain comes down quite heavily, which causes damage to many plants.

As of [2020-07-07 Tue], this bed is planted with a mix of things that I didn't have a better place to plant: few are in a place good for them. There's a raspberry in a laundry bag in the eastern corner, some wild onions taken from nearby Bolin Forest, stinging nettle, Cotten's lamb's ear, a mix of unkown cover, squash, catnip, some decorative I've forgotten the name of, and sweet basil. West Fernando Bed

1.3.2 Behind Meineke

1.3.3 Flood Garden

1.3.4 Container Gardens Pallet Garden Hardening Garden

1.4 Around Cut Above

1.4.1 Alley/Barber Bed

1.4.2 West Cut Above Bed

1.4.3 Cut Above Pathing

2 Plantfolk

This section of the guidebook is about some of the specific plants located around the workshop. The most local common name is what's used. When available, the information from my personal plants guidebook is included.

2.1 Birthday Raspberries

2.1.1 Locations

2.1.2 Origin

Bought on clearance from [[][southern states carrboro]] as a birthday present from emsenn to [[][Esther Davis]].

2.2 Devin's Kin

Devin's kin is a grouping of Opuntia ficus-indica.

2.3 Peacemaker's Mulberry Tree & Grapevine

2.4 Cotten's Lambs-ear

A [[][stachys byzantina]] with a relatively upright habit and relatively large yellow blossoms.

2.4.1 Locations

2.4.2 Origin

This plant was originally transplanted from a the west side sandy bank adjacent to the train tracks that (at least in 2020) go through the settler community of Carrboro, in North Carolina. These are the same train tracks that were written about in Libba Cotten's song, “Freight Train,” so naming the plant after her seemed appropriate, given its common names.

2.5 Spearmint

2.5.1 Origin

The spearmint around the workshop comes from a variety of places around Carrboro.

2.6 Stinging Nettle

2.6.1 Locations

2.7 Wild Chives

[[][allium schoenoprasum]] originally transplanted from [[][Bolin Forest]].

3 Stories

3.1 How Devin's kin came to Makȟá Sá

Devin the Cactus was a node from a large community of prickly pear from the parking lot of the Midway Business Center, in the settler colony of Chapel Hill, in North Carolina.