This page is a directory of gifts I’m currently looking for: gifts of stuff, labor, and information. I appreciate any consideration you give to this list. To coordinate an exchange, please e-mail me at



  • MUD developer(s): I am interested in collaborating with friends on a text-based online service I am creating.


  • Soil cultivation: When it hasn’t rained for a few days, there’s usually compost here to be moved around.\
  • Basket weaving: I have extra splints. If you want them, please explain how they’d be used and I’ll consider it.


  • Beadslimit: none. Making and decorating things. Commercial objects with beads are also accepted and recycled.
  • Blanketslimit: 20. Distribution to local community.
  • Cotton pads. For medical hygiene.
  • Fabriclimit: 500yd. Making apparel.
  • Ferro rods, limit 1000. Distributing for firestarting.
  • Moneylimit: none. Securing necessities not provided through gifts. Online donations may be made through my Ko-fi profile.
  • Scale, limit: one. I’d like a scale to be able to let folk at the Cottenboro GAZ get themselves weighed as part of wellness checks.
  • Toilet paper rollslimit: 120. To be distribution to the local community.
  • Toilet paper tubeslimit: 1800. Germinating and sprouting plants with taproots before planting out.
  • Yarnlimit: 8000yd. Making textiles and apparel.

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