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2019-08-29 00:00:00 -0400 EDT

Yesterday I set up my RaspberryPi 3 Model B, hereafter Bellybrush, to replace my desktop. It’s plugged into a keyboard, microphone, mouse, and a 19 inch television I’ve set sideways. This gives me a display, in full-screen Emacs, of 64x38 columns - which is convenient given that I fill my lines to 62 columns already. Yes, that’s small: it let me easily have the font size I wanted on my old monitor if the editor were filling half the screen.

Today is my first day using it. I won’t have time to use it for much, I’ll be tinkering with my suros, a personal server I’m building in Elisp. The goal will be to get more familiar with using Lispy-mode, and to rename some of the existing functions.

If I have time, I’d like to start adding features to request specific objects into a buffer, something like (suros-request-object object-symbol "buffer-name").

This’ll require a bit of refactoring of the process that takes the HTTP request and figures out what object to build, but that’s fine - I’m expected to iterate over abstracting these early functions many times. After all, near everything past this is just a matter of creating functions to read, make, and send different sorts of data: the trick is in the abstract communication between those functions.