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Legal Disclosures and Policies

My legal policies aim to balance enabling my own freedom of action with the requirements placed on me by the law. Depending on the action, this balance may be difficult to determine. Please, assume naivety and ignorance rather than malice: explaining to me my fault and nicely requesting a change is more likely to receive a prompt response than sending legal threats.

Legal “threats” are indications that a party wishes to take legal action against me, without an appropriate justification. I reserve the right to publish and expose all legal threats made against me. They will be considered an attempt to harm me by abusing the legal system, and I will respond accordingly.

Doe Subpoenas

If compelled by a Grand Jury, I may be required to disclose information about private correspondence and communications using a Doe subpoena.

Gag-Order Subpoena

I will not recognize or respect unlawful gag-order subpoenas from Grand Juries which do not have the legal right to do so, and any unlawful gag-order will be considered a legal threat. Subpoenas on which the “gag” is permanently (explicitly never expires) or indefinite (say they will expire upon further court order) are unlawful.

What follows is a warrant canary - the text between “Begin warrant canary” and “End warrant canary” may be an indication of my receipt of legally “gagged” subpoenas.

Begin warrant canary

End warrant canary

I must follow the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. If you believe I am distributing copyright-protected work without authorization, and you are the owner of the copyright, or authorized to act on their behalf, you may contact me: