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Plans for Fall 2019

NOTE: This resource was created before I had begun to decolonize my way of thinking, and should be read carefully. It may present beliefs or assumption that don't match what I currently believe.

Plans for Fall 2019 is a(n) letter

it is about Elisp, and Emacs

This is an open-letter to folk who follow me online, or otherwise want a general update on what I've been doing. Through the last month and some I've been busy with some other stuff, so haven't been working much with computers or getting much done on my personal projects. But, with fall approaching, I'm past the busiest part, and so, will hopefully make more progress with things this fall.

So the biggest change between now, and the past, is that now I am using a Raspberry Pi Model 3b as my primary computer. Before, I was using a big Dell desktop and a Chromebook, but both of them had qhardware failures one after the other, so I replaced them with a Pi to see if that'd be a viable alternative. Unfortunately, since then, I haven't had much time to use a computer, so it's hard for me to know if they are, but, so far: yes, it's working just fine.

Since I've stripped down my hardware this much and am still satisfied, I wanted to continue stripping back my use of software, too. I've basically cut my software stack to Emacs and my web browser, which I still use to access a lot of communication tools, like email and microblogging. But within Emacs, I've also started learning its Lisp dialect, and am using that to implement some small bits of software for my own use - like keeping track of what I want to read. Previously, I was using Org-mode's various features for stuff like that, but now I'm enjoying writing my own little programs for inside Emacs for it.

I also have two bigger Elisp projects I'm looking at: writing my own markup syntax that's Lisp-y, and writing a webserver. Both of those are more than a bit outside of my skill level, but, there's no real rush.