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1909h, October 3rd 2019

1909h, October 3rd 2019 is a log tagged with personal. It was released on Oct 3, 2019.

[2019-10-03 Thu 19:09]

With fall here I’m spending more time inside. I’m returning to using my computer, which has been a bit slow since now I’m using a Raspberry Pi instead of my old desktop, which has died.

I haven’t really used Emacs or Org-mode much for the past three months, so I’m feeling more than out-of-practice: I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of things.

What’s worse is that I haven’t just forgotten the hotkeys and other commands, but I’ve forgotten, largely, how it was I was approaching things. Which is understandable: how I was approaching things was constantly changing, faster than I could feasibly document it.

I’m well-settled into using Ox-Hugo to turn my Org-mode documents into parts of my website, and I think I have a fair amount of the actual content prepared and on the website.

What I’m not doing right now is doing a good job of keeping my records as I should with Org-mode. I should be keeping track of, say, how much weight of seed I use to start a new tray of sprouts, and how much sprouts come out the other end.

There will be two parts to that sort of project: writing out the Org-mode files themselves, and then making Hugo templates that are able to share the info, as much as is appropriate.