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2046h, October 3rd 2019

2046h, October 3rd 2019 is a log: "I plan the format for my homecrafting records" It was released on Oct 3, 2019.

I need to create a new Org-mode file for managing the records of my homecrafting, or “domestic labor.” I want to, within reason, record as much information about the various tasks as Org-mode will allow, so that I can use my personal records to influence my Homecrafting Guidebook.

From my past experience working on-and-off using Org-mode, I know that it’s helpful to try and define a format for the type of “record” that will be used in a given file - for example, each log entry like this shares a similar format.

To have a good notion of what sort of format the homecrafting records should take, I’m going to babble a bit about what sort of records I think I’ll be maintaining.

Homecrafting includes things like:

This kind of implies two levels of records, I think: projects and tasks. Some projects never end, like maintaining my garden, while some might be one-time, like installing a shelf. Projects have tasks under them - maintaining the garden would have many, building a shelf fewer.

Let me go write down what I’ve just described in Org-mode formatting, and see how it looks, as a rough draft.

Here’s a copy-paste of what I wrote up. It’s gotten late so I’ve had to stop without even listing out all the tasks and projects I can think of right now, let alone adding details to them:

#+TITLE: Homecraft Records
#+STARTUP: logdone
* Projects
** Ongoing
*** Maintain the indoor garden
Within my apartment, I have several houseplants, two stacks of sprouting trays, a moss farm, a microgreen garden, and I'm planning a small vegetable garden for this winter.
**** Maintain houseplants
I keep a few planters with houseplants around the apartment.
***** Maintain brown succulent planter
There is a brown ceramic planter on top of my partner's vanity which has in it three succulents, species unknown.
****** TODO Inspect brown succulent planter
****** Water brown succulent planter
****** TODO Identify succulents' species
***** Maintain red pothos planter
There is a red ceramic planter which contains a pothos cutting.
****** TODO Inspect red pothos planter
****** Water red pothos planter
***** Maintain red fern planter
There is a red ceramic planter which contains a fern. The planter is the self-watering sort, where there's an outer ceramic pot and an inner unglazed pot.
****** TODO Inspect red fern planter
****** Water red fern planter
**** Maintain sprouting trays
***** TODO Clean trays
***** TODO Wash and soak seeds

***** TODO Allocate soaked seeds
***** TODO Water trays
***** TODO Wash and dry sprouts
**** Maintain microgreen garden
***** Sow microgreen seeds
***** TODO Inspect microgreen farm
***** Water microgreen farm
***** Harvest microgreens
**** Maintain moss farm
I have built a moss farm: a shallow plastic bin with a lid with air holes, which contains, from bottom to top: expanded clay pellets, garden fabric, a half inch of moss farm substrate, and samplings of moss from the Central Business District of Carrboro, North Carolina. The substrate is 35-45% sand, 20-30% vermiculite, and 25-45% freshly decomposed organic matter.
***** TODO Inspect moss farm
***** Water moss farm
***** Amend moss farm substrate
Every so often, new organic matter must be added to the moss farm's substrate: the material on which the moss grows.
***** TODO Identify moss' species
**** Maintain catgrass
In the center of a cat toy I grow cat grass.
***** TODO Sow catgrass
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-24 Thu +3w>
      :LAST_REPEAT: [2019-10-03 Thu 23:32]

      - State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2019-10-03 Thu 22:48]
***** TODO Water catgrass
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-03 Thu +3d>
***** TODO Refresh catgrass soil
      DEADLINE: <2019-11-24 Sun +3m>
***** TODO Inspect catgrass
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-03 Thu +3d>
      - Note taken on [2019-10-03 Thu 23:35] \\
      The soil was quite dry today - I'd forgotten about it, honestly - and the grass that was there was quite leggy. I cut it down when I resowed the pot.
*** TODO Prepare ginger beer
  DEADLINE: <2019-10-03 20:00 Thu +3d>
  SCHEDULED: <2019-10-03 10:00 Thu +3d>

*** Prepare biscuits for anti-coal protest
  DEADLINE: <2019-10-04 Fri 07:00 +1w>
  SCHEDULED: <2019-10-03 Thu 19:30>
*** Maintain general cleaning
**** TODO Do dishes
**** Wash towels
*** Maintain wardrobe
**** Inventory clothing
**** Wash laundry
*** Maintain waste processing
**** TODO Empty and restock kitchen compost bin
     DEADLINE: <2019-10-04 Fri 22:00 +1d>
** One-time
* Records
** Clocktables
#+BEGIN: clocktable :scope file :maxlevel 2
#+CAPTION: Clock summary at [2019-10-03 Thu 23:27]
| Headline     | Time   |
| *Total time* | *0:00* |
** Ledgers
** Inventories