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1505h, October 4th 2019

1505h, October 4th 2019 is a log tagged with homecraft. It was released on Oct 4, 2019.

I’m taking a break in my day, so far mostly homecrafting, and figured rather than surf the Fediverse, I’d write some more in my homecrafting records file.

Earlier today I took some notes about soaking and allocating some seeds for sprouting, and I need to add in notes about moving a fern from one planter to another.

I’ve since added in those notes. The notes on the fern on rather mundane, but I’ll copy what the Maintain sprouting trays project looks like now to discuss it:

**** Maintain sprouting trays
***** TODO Wash and soak seeds
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-05 Sat 08:00 +1d>
      - Note taken on [2019-10-04 Fri 09:39] \\
      Soaking cup 1: 6.17g STS lunch punch
      Soaking cup 2: 5.54 STS lunch punch
      Soaking cup 3: 5.65 STS lunch punch

***** TODO Allocate soaked seeds
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-05 Sat 11:00 +1d>
      - Note taken on [2019-10-04 Fri 12:09] \\
      Moved Soaking Cup 1 to Sprouting Tray A
      Moved Soaking Cup 2 to Sprouting Tray B
      Moved Soaking Cup 3 to Sprouting Tray C
***** TODO Water sprouting trays
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-04 Fri 20:00 +12h>
***** TODO Wash and dry sprout
      DEADLINE: <2019-10-05 Sat +1d>

So, there’s a lot of information here - it just looks like not much because of a lack of formatting. When I washed and soaked the seeds, I weighed out three different groups of seeds, all from my stock of Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch” mix (clover, alfalfa, radish, and mustard, for the curious.)

So each cup’s contents has two attributes: mix ID and weight.

Then, each cup gets transferred to a sprouting tray, after they’ve soaked for a bit. So each tray has a mix ID and starting weight, and then, when harvested, will have a end weight.

I guess one way to do this would be to have do “batch numbers,” which are the tray ID and a sequential number for what iteration of growth in that tray it is. A table of that might look like

Batch ID Mix ID Starting Weight End Weight
A1 STS-LP 6.17g
B1 STS-LP 5.54g
C1 STS-LP 5.65g

This motivates a second table:

Mix ID Mix Price/gram
STS-LP 0.06

I can also write a dictionary list to define these IDs further:

Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch” mix, labeled as containing “clover, alfalfa, radish, mustard.”