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0929h, October 10th 2019

0929h, October 10th 2019 is a log. It was released on Oct 10, 2019.

As is typical when I return to using my computer after a bit away, I’ve been doing a poor job of keeping my notes updated. I’ve been working on my home garden and doing my dayjob, and keeping keen on global events, which seem to have been happening with an uncommon rapidity.

It’s interesting how the news I consume seems so different from the news many of my peers consume, and how much more relevant it is to me than theirs is to them. For example, most people I know are well-informed (relatively) about the current impeachment proceedings against our President, but don’t know about the worker uprising in Ecuador, the climate defender occupations in London. A few know about the Turkish invasion of Rojava which began yesterday, but most view it as a Turkish invasion of Syria, and they don’t know more than that.

I’ve done about as much gardening work as I can do this fall, beyond maintaining the container vegetable garden. There’s lots of small indoor organizational chores to do, and I need to do a chunk of paperwork for my dayjob before Sunday, but otherwise I have a fairly relaxed day planned.