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2020-07-05 Sunday: Using Org-mode to organize Makȟá Šá

2020-07-05 Sunday: Using Org-mode to organize Makȟá Šá is a(n) log

it is about Makȟá Šá, and Org mode

it was released on Jul 5, 2020

[2020-07-05 Sun 09:58]

I don't know how to say this in a way that doesn't leave a sour taste in my mouth, but I have to put more effort into my personal marketing and operations efforts if I want to be able to meet the demands on my labor, right now. My morning gardening and food distribution tasks take up to 3 hours of work, moving boxes of produce & jugs of water. This puts me well into the morning, and without much energy to get anything meaningful done! (I actually just skipped all but the most essential chores today, so I could take the time to sit and think about this.)

[2020-07-05 Sun 10:00]

What makes that level of work extra-silly is that there are people in the community who would happily provide me with the gift of their assistance, if only I were able to ask for it! But I'm, currently, not organized enough to even have a list of tasks for the day.

[2020-07-05 Sun 10:00]

So, that's going to be my first priority: making up a list of the tasks I have to do, every day and just every so often.

[2020-07-05 Sun 10:01]

An explanation of the tech in play here is, right now, I'm using three Org-mode files that get exported, through some convoluted process, to HTML - assuming this is being read on my website.

[2020-07-05 Sun 10:03]

There's… a lot of ways that the “tasks” file could be organized, and for that reason I think I'm going to stick to keeping it mostly flat, and then just using a lot of hashtags to describe whatever topics come up in the tasks.

[2020-07-05 Sun 10:04]

One thing that'll slow this down is I do want to make use of various Org-mode features for helping build this into a meaningful agenda that can be, y'know, exported into HTML or something.