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2020-07-10 Friday: Planning the south Fernando bed at Makȟá Šá

2020-07-10 Friday: Planning the south Fernando bed at Makȟá Šá is a(n) log

it is about Makȟá Šá, Gardening, Bee Balm, Birthday Blackberry, Birthday Raspberry, Catnip, Chamomile, Cotten's Lamb's Ear, False Indigo, Rose Campion, Spearmint, Stinging Nettle, Stokesia, and Wild Chives

it was released on Jul 10, 2020

This bed gets sun from the early afternoon until the evening, and lots of runoff from the roof. The water comes in at quite some speed from the roof, which can cause damage to more fragile plants. Since the bed is small and relatively disconnected from rest of the ground, it should probably be amended with clay and charcoal to help it retain the water it catches. This'll affect what can be planted there.

Visually, it's one of the first areas of the workshop folk see pulling in, and has a red wall on its northern side, so it allows for something stringing to be planted there. Also, no one walks there, so plants with thorns could do alright there.

Here's a list of some plants I think might do well there

…This would actually take too long - there's a lot of plants that could do well there.

Let's say I'm deciding to plant the raspberries there, which'll do well in the clay & charcoal soil I plan on adding. The wild chives I have already in the bed can probably stay where they are, and compete with the raspberries for space.

chamomile might also do well in the space, though I think it might be difficult to find a place where it will be able to perennialize itself. (The chamomile we have is German chamomile, which is an annual, but far less bitter than the traditional chamomile. This and a bee balm at the western end of the bed would probably have the visual appeal I'm looking for. With raspberries and chives on the other side, that leaves a few square feet in the middle for… I'm leaning toward stokesia and the false indigo. The stokesia brings in pollinators, and the false indigo is a nitogen fixer - not a great one but it'll help.

There will be some space at the base of the false indigo, which might be a good place for one of the thymes I have?

Lets see if this gives me a good plan. From the western end to the east:

Since a lot of these will take a few seasons to fill in, this'll still let me plant some annuals as the bed fills out.

When should this planting actually happen? Well, whenever the current cover starts to grow old, I suppose… or sooner, if I get impatient! In order for this plan to really be complete, though, I need to make sure I have a place for all the plants currently in the bed:

See Prepare south Fernando bed at Makȟá Šá for the itemized task list.