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2020-07-11 Saturday: Indian Giving

2020-07-11 Saturday: Indian Giving is a(n) log

it is about Food, Native American, and Economics

it was released on Jul 11, 2020

I live such a blessed life, woke up late because the weather did my morning gardening for me, immediately upon stepping outside I was greeted by someone with a gift of fresh apples and oranges and takeout containers, for me to have and regift to the community.

It's so sad to me how the system of reciprocity and community-building that seems to have been core to many pre-colonial interactions between folk on Turtle Island has been equivocated, by the term “Indian giving,” to mean “giving on a gift you received because you didn't like it.”

I give on the gifts I get because that's what's supposed to happen with them: they keep getting gifted on until they're all used up. It's the same concept as why two folk exchanging a dollar raises the GDB, but with an explicit appreciation for the fact that it's not GDB but local community being built.