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[2020-08-03 Mon 22:41]

Tags:, and Writing.

I’ve recently been getting back into using my computer more, which mostly means dealing with pieces of information. I was thinking about it and, boiled down, there’s two ways I do this:

  • For dealing with information to do with stuff that exists inside a MUD world, I use Racket, a programming language. Or, I would, if the MUD engine I was making to do this weren’t half-broken and in the earliest phases of development.
  • For dealing with information about real life, I use Org-mode and Ox-Hugo and Hugo. The downside is I’m stuck using other folk’s ways of formatting and organizing information.

So, either no software, or bad software.

Luckily, I can plan for using the bad software until the days that the MUD engine is ready to take over, since the bad software can churn out machine-readable output from its input.

So that leaves me with: a piece of information is a thing with qualities: technical terms from my MUD engine that basically mean “a unique object” and “its attributes”.

In the context of a MUD, a specific object like, say, a player character, would have many qualities, from its client’s username to its height.

In the context of a piece of writing, different “types” of writing would have different qualities: a log entry like this that I’m writing might have title and date qualities, but probably wouldn’t have the “featured characters” quality that a short story that’s part of a series would.

So I think my next step from here is listing out some types of writing I know I produce, and what qualities they would have, and then how to record those qualities in a way that’s compatible across Org-mode/Ox-hugo/Hugo.