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[2020-08-04 Tue 11:36]

Tags:, and Writing.

In my previous log entry I wrote about how I basically use computers to handle pieces of information, but I have two different systems for doing it. One way to unify these systems is by standardizing the output of the information I’m writing in one system so that it can (once an interpreter is written) be interpreted as data by the other.

The system I’m using now is Org-mode, Ox-Hugo, and Hugo, and the system I’d like to use is my MUD engine, written in Racket.

In my MUD engine, different things have qualities that define their capabilities.

For writing, the metaphor would be, different pieces have a type that defines their rendering. A piece that’s a type of poetry might be rendered with center-justification, while an essay might need to make sure it’s rendered with a bibliography.

Accomplishing this starts with drafting various types of thing that will exist on my website, and what their qualaties are. Then, I’ll figure out how to integrate that data into the Org-mode records I’m working with in a way that can be read by Ox-Hugo, so that I can create renderings for the various types.

The first record type - gosh, my language here will need firming up - I’ll work on will be for my logs.

Oh, an important thing: types can have parents, things that give them some basic qualities by default. So, logs would be a type of writing.

Qualities of Writing:

  • author
  • version history
    • creation date
    • publish date
    • last modified date

Qualities of Logs:

  • keyword tags

Qualities of Notes

  • keyword tags