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[2020-08-06 Thu 11:12]

Tags:, and Hugo.

Today I’m going to continue working on the layouts used for The goal is to, by the end of the day, have the page mostly complete: listing its bulletins, logs, and source files.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to organize the source files. I think each file of the source should end up its own page, so that there are pages for, say /programming/emsenn-net/config/ or /programming/emsenn-net/layouts/_default/baseof/

This’ll mean writing some new Hugo types: one for hugo-config, and one for hugo-layout. Others might become evident from there.

(I feel like I should make an Org-mode capture template for adding tasks to a project… can I open a capture template from within a capture template? I’ve just tested it and yes I can, so that introduces a new workflow: begin a log, leave it as I go to add new tasks to projcts. I wonder if there’s a way to link to the task from the log, like, paste a link to the entry created by the capture once it’s filed?)

Anyway, for now: work on’s layouts.