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[2020-08-07 Fri 14:43]

Tags: Org mode, and

So I was thinking about it and I think I’ve already put too much stuff on my plate, with my website and other projects. I think I’m going to see if I can’t look at a sitemap (if Hugo can generate one?) and then go page by page and record what it is I want to do.

A precursor to this I might work on is adding, the same way I have Logs and Bulletins as standardized topics across Org-mode files, adding a Projects subtree for tracking what on-going projects I have related to a topic.

Well, I probably shouldn’t call it a “project,” as that’s a specific term within Org-mode. Maybe, to borrow the term from Github and others, “issues”?

Or would that be confusing for folk that use Github and such? Alternatively, maybe it’s the wrong approach to be looking at adding separate sections for this, and I should be using Org-mode’s task-tracking stuff on the existing subtrees?

Hmm. Let me try that:

  1. Make a sitemap of
  2. Go page-by-page and look for changes to make
  3. Make a note of the required change in the relevant subtree
  4. Change the website layouts to handle those notes
  5. Start making the changes

I want to reference a concept introduced in previous website and Racket-MUD logs, about things and qualities: most of the pages on are things and their content is just one quality, others are things like the author or publication date.

It’s important that the “notes” of step 3 above be treated like qualities: recorded in the thing, and handled by rendering. So, however I record the notes, it needs to be possible to export them to Hugo!