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[2020-08-08 Sat 10:20]

Tags: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and kyriarchism.

The Town of Chapel Hill (where I live) is asking for donations from the community to their Emergency Housing Assistance Program, which provides emergency rent assistance for folk living in certain housing projects around the town.

Absolutely ridiculous request, considering the town allocated out something like $13,000,0001 to developers to build mixed office/condo projects that are rapidly increasing rent and property taxes, pushing folk out of private housing and into the projects.

The rich colonials want us to be as dependent on them as possible: our municipalities are rapidly warping into extraction enclaves, pulling resources from the Earth and those trapped in dependency.

Why? A complete domestication into the kyriarchy has left them unable to perceive any choice in the matter: it’s not a solution to some problem, it’s just what needs to be done, because it’s what’s mandated by the philosophy.

There’s no changing something like that, no reform, or even revolution to happen: the core is a bad idea, and the only thing to do is to walk away.*** Keeping seed sovereignty local [2020-08-01 Sat 08:03]

  1. This is from memory, it could be more or less. ↩︎