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[2020-08-08 Sat 12:07]

Tag: mutualism.

People here pre-grocery-shop by coming by the free market and looking for what we have, asking what we might be getting in stock soon, and then after they’ve gotten what makes sense from us, they’ll tweak their grocery shopping list and THEN go to the grocery - or, sometimes, not need to go shopping at all!

And I love so much of that

Like, okay, the fact that we’re helping people offset their groceries is really amazing but

We’re doing it routinely. Like, for months! There are people I talk to who haven’t spent money on food in months because of these efforts!

Sometimes it’s hard to get up the motivation to get it done: it is a lot of work to set up and tear down what’s basically a four-stall farmers market, by myself, every single day, restock it, help load things into peoples cars, go pickup food, unpack the waste and compost it, etc.

It’s a lot of work! usually 3-5h a day, and my partner even has been helping a lot recently!

But, when a whole apartment block of folk show up, and we’re able to get each of them their food for the day… those 40-pound boxes of sweet potatoes feel as light as a feather.