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[2020-08-09 Sun 09:37]

Tags: weather, gardening,, and Teraum.

I accidentally slept later into the morning today than I had planned, but I slept better than I had been so I’m not mad about it, and the weather today seems like it will stay fairly cool.

My plans for the day are to 1) relax while my shoes1 bounce around in the dryer - write this log - and then I’m going to go out in the garden and pull up a finished little garden-plot of corn. I have too many beans and squash gifted to me by a local mutualist for Indian-giving to the community, but (as I think I mentioned in a previous log) I haven’t had many takers: those with gardens already got stuff planted, and those without, well, don’t have th space for it!

So, I’m going to take up the corn, and plant out beans and squash there - they’re pole beans so I’ll probably use the tomato cages I’m not using to hold them up. Which will look a bit silly, because immediately across the path to the west there’s a bunch of tomatoes growing without cages, but it is what it is.

Beyond that, I’d like to clean up inside (I’ve fallen a bit behind on dishes) and then I’d like to work on getting the source code for listed on the website. I briefly had that working, but then overhauled how the Hugo layouts I’ve made were laid out and pointed at each other, so now I basically have to start that over.

And I’d like to continue exploring Teraum. Last night I was talking with a friend about starting the world basically over from scratch, using a base world generated by available open-source tools, and I’d like to consider that idea further.

  1. Downside of only owning one pair of shoes at the moment, but I gave my nicer sneakers to someone who didn’t have any shoes. ↩︎