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[2020-08-14 Fri 11:23]

Whoops! I accidentally fell off writing logs, ater a few days of doing so well at it.

Yesterday my partner had two classes, which meant something like 6 hours of sitting quietly off-screen for me. Among other things, I worked on Racket-MUD… I again started over.

I’m not sure but I think since I started making a MUD - 18 years ago now, when I was 12 - I’ve started over the project probably eight or so times in different programming languages, and honestly probably thirty or more times, total.

But, I mean, that’s probably to be expected when writing a MUD is really my only involvement in programming, and I only work on the project in binges, sometimes with years in between. The latest Racket iteration by far seems the strongest: since it’s LISP, almost any single mechanism of the MUD engine is pretty simple, and since its a LISP, they can chain together for complex emergent mechanisms.

The day before yesterday I took some time to re-make the things part of the engine, how in-game objects are represented, and yesterday I rewrote the engine part itself, that holds things, and has events that get triggered, and can tick, progressing through time.

I also set up an event for handling the MUDSocket, which is how clients can connect to the server through telnet, the traditional means of connecting to a MUD.

Today, this afternoon, I’m planning on adding back in the code for working with user accounts and the talker. Once that’s finished, I’ll be almost back to where I was back in December, in terms of features: all that’ll be left to do is add in commands for looking, moving, and saying things. (Though those might all work different, since I’m planning on doing game areas a bit different.)

Earlier this morning I planted out the blueberries I have, as well as the blackberries. They all look so tiny, out of their contianers and in the pots! And the stinging nettle, I took out of the bed and put in a cloth bag, and it looks giant! I’m not sure where I’m going to put it, since I don’t want folk to hurt themselves on it.k