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[2020-08-16 Sun 10:21]

So, I’ve changed the name of the MUD engine, from Racket-MUD to qtMUD.

qtMUD is the name I used for my Python MUD engine, and I really liked it but didn’t want to reuse it for an engine in an entirely different language, especially when I wasn’t sure if it’d work the same way. But, it does (more or less) and it’s been a few years without anyone else touching the Python-language qtMUD, so I’m moving back to the name.

For the first MUD I’m building with qtMUD I decided to go with something relatively simple: players will spawn in a village in a forest, and will be able to explore the village and forest. Exploration results in acquiring resources like berries or branches, that can be gifted to the village. This’ll influence the relationship between the village and player, potentially resulting in reciprocal gifts. Certain items like berries can be eaten to restore energy points, which’ll be used to explore and move around th eworld.

This MUD will require the MUDSocket, Talker, and User Account components of the qtMUD library, and will prompt me to write a few others. The settlement and forest will be areas, which will each have a description, surface area, and one or more exits.

They’ll also have populations of plants and animals: the quantity of a population against the area’s surface area will influence the likelihood of finding something.

The village will also have a quality of gratitude, which will track gift-givers and recipients, and it’ll occasionally give gifts based on whats in its inventory: filled by players gifting things they collect.

> look
Johara settlement, in Johara Forest. [10/10]
> explore
You explore the settlement and find three scraps of fabric. [8/10]
> explore --target=nails
You explore the settlement and don't find any nails. [6/10]
> explore --target=nails duration=1
You explore the settlement and find one nail. [5/10]
> inventory
You are holding: three scraps of fabric, one nail, and one sandwich.
> gift --recipient=here item=fabric quantity=3
You gift three fabric to the settlement. [4/10]
> eat sandwich
You eat the sandwich. [8/10]
> move forest
You move to western Johara Forest.
> explore
You run into a blackbear while exploring, and flee back to town, dropping everything.
> look
Johara settlement, in Johara Forest. [0/10]