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[2020-08-25 Tue 10:39]

Look at me, being bad about updating my logs again. In the last six days, since I last made a substantial log entry, I’ve made good progress with my MUD engine. I renamed it from “Racket-MUD” to “qtMUD,” and removed a lot of the functional-ness of working with “things” and “universes,” data records for handling in-MUD stuff.

I currently have something that works, more or less - some of the core procedures are written in ways that are quick and if I’m to really move ahead, they’ll need to be fleshed out, but that’s mostly mundane code-writing. (Which makes me think if I’m clever I can abstract it out, but that’s for another time.)

Enough of it is done that I can start to think about using it to handle my computer use instead of Emacs and Org-mode: not necessarily the longform writing stuff (though making a log-taking and -reading parser does sound nice,) but for tracking stuff like the inventory of the Free Market.

Well - I say that but in truth, getting anything done like that will require fleshing out a lot of general use procedures.

The next step is cleaning up the existing library components, moving them into simple Org-mode files. That way, I can draft and plan other components without having to finish or focus on any of them, for now.