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[2020-08-26 Wed 10:34]

I’ve been making good progress cleaning up the qtMUD code, though it doesn’t feel like much has changed, and I doubt things would actually work if I tried to run the code. But I’m adding in like, checks for making sure arguments are the right type and cleaning up the log messages and stuff. Basically bringing it from a janky prototype to a workable codebase. (Maybe. I’m so new to Racket, and so unfamiliar with working on larger projects, that I could be doing everything wrong.)

Sigh. Unrelated but I just tried to call out a white European FOSS developer on some engrained Indigenous erasure, and their first response was basically “artistic liberty,” or as I read it, «it was a low-effort post». But still, erasure is erasure and I gotta stick up against that shit. I know it’s tiresome to the folk listening, but it’s not fun for me either.

Anyway, today I think I’m going to take some time to get my Emacs configuration into something that I actually want. I’ve found a theme that I find… decent enough: I’ve been not liking my recent themes, mostly because their parantheses highlighting was too subtle. The Tao theme uses an underline under matching parathensis, which is simple and effective - I really like it and might take that with me even if I move to another theme.