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[2020-08-26 Wed 12:22]

I purged my old Emacs config, which was mostly full of stuff I wasn’t using, and modeled my new configuration after how Alex Schroeder has his set up. Right now the only things I have set up are a few little silly features that I like: olivetti-mode, which limits the window to a centered column within the frame, and centered-cursor-mode, which keeps the cursor in the center of the line, moving the window around it. (Unless you’re at the bottom of the file, like I am now, then it stays focused one line above the bottom, so either way my eyes are just going left to right and then back.

To me, it helps emphasis that the computer is a tool I’m putting information into, and it’s taking it in. (As opposed to it being a like, sculpture I am moving around? I dunno how to quite explain it.)

Anyway, from here the next step is to get back to tinkering with my MUD, so I can see where the failings are in my Emacs setup.

One immediate thing to chang is making sure I have Racket-Mode installd and properly setup.