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[2020-09-07 Mon 09:52]

Alright! I’ve made good progress consolidating down my Org-mode files and other projects, and very quickly centered my website’s homepage around the blogging elements of the site, for now - though there is a page listing the other projects I’m working on.

One thing that I don’t feel like I’m getting any closer to is actually tracking what it is I need to be working on. I wonder if a new Capture template that just takes a simple “what do you need to do” and puts it in an unsorted triage of tasks would work - then I could make it a job of sorting through the tasks, like I go through my website entries and tag them long after i’ve written them.

Alternatively, and perhaps more appealing, I could look at using qtMUD as ane engine for handling such a task list. After all, the list would be, well, a list, and I’d just be searching through it based on criteria. There’s nothing about the task that my MUD engine wouldn’t be competent at, and then I’m refining that base of code, which seems to be a good “center” for my computer work, at least right now.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t really sat down and tinkered with how to document Racket procedures, and I am hesitant to progress much further with the qtMUD code until it has any sort of documentation.

That can wait until this evening: my immediate focus is going to be to develop the procedures that let me treat a qtMUD universe as a task-list, and its things as the tasks.