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[2020-09-09 Wed 10:38]

I actually got more done in the garden than I’d expected, including taking some cuttings to try and propagate more rosemary. I was talking it over with Esther briefly and I think I’ve mothered more than 30 rosemary plants this summer! Almost all of them have gone out to local BIPOC-owned farms and gardens, except six that I’m still getting established.

My energy and morale are still fairly high this morning so I’m going to continue to try and do chores inside - I was planning on doing dishes but Esther just said they are going to do dishes, so I’m probably going to work on other chores instead. There’s a lot of clutter in the apartment, and it makes it hard to get anything done - in fact, I’d say it makes it impossible for me to do much inside beside work on the computer: my desk is so cluttered, but I honestly don’t know a better way to stash stuff away!