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[2020-09-19 Sat 14:37]

Dangit! I fell off writing my personal logs again. It’s a hard habit to build. Let’s see… the last logs were on the ninth, ten days ago?

Since then the fires in the West have come and stayed, burning up more and more of the area. But that’s far away from me: here, we’ve been dealing with the tails of slow-moving storms coming in off the Atlantic, though my town hasn’t had any significant rainfall, yet.

However, on Monday, it’s predicted to get to 6c, and that’s atypical for this time of year. Signs have pointed to a cooler fall all year, so I’ve been busy trying to transition the garden.

I also cleaned up a lot inside my apartment, something that was a long time coming - nervous pains were making physical labour hard, so I’ve been slacking on that.

My main other project has been continuing to develop my MUD engine, library, and the specific MUD. I’ve spent a lot of time rewriting the same stuff as I get more familiar with programming.