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I call the cat I live with Igmú. After learning that’s her name, people ask “Oh? Interesting name, does it mean anything?” and I say “Yes, it’s the Lakota word for cat.” and they go “Oh are you Lakota?” and I say “Yup” and they say… something awful, yup.

Hey y’all; I’ve seen a lot of posts today about people concerned about the future of their housing, as we get closer to the eviction moratorium ending. I just want to share that I’ve lived in housing, I’ve lived sleeping on city benches, I’ve lived in tents deep in the “wilderness.”

The biggest threat to your long-term and immediate survival is a lack of imagination. Stay childlike; stay evergreen, and you might meet these threats well-enough to meet the next.

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In my poem, I call up anarchs. Who are they? Anarchs are us: born leaderless and classless—and born to groove. Our species, Humo ludens collaborans (humorous playful collaborators), evolved in egalitarian gathering bands over hundreds of thousands of years. “Civilization and progress” emerged ...

dear gretas

rainforests are not just the lungs of the planet
they are the brains of classless peoples who live there
if the eco-logics of these true anarchs were followed by all
we would have zero pandemics
& few epidemics or little outbreaks
x & y & z would be gifted in small circles
with preexisting immunities in many species

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