Read Indigenous Cultures Take Root in New York
The traditional systems of mutual support that undergird many Indigenous Central and North American cultures have formed a safety net during a very dark time in New York City’s history.

This is an amazing series of photographs and piece of journalism. I, and many Indigenous peers, have been dismissed as “racial supremacists” in the past for our belief that it is Indigenous cultures that are capable of surviving, not kyriarchists.

It’s difficult to tolerate such hateful misrepresentation, but made easier by two things: an understanding that the kyriarchists’ whole worldview is a misrepresentation; their view of me is nothing personal. And, regardless of what the kyriachists think or how they act, it doesn’t change that it is Indigenous ways of living that are bringing human people into each new day, far safer than the kyriarchists ever have.

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  1. Hey, so, I would really like those of y'all who really care to understand my perspective read this piece.I think often, at the point of interpretation, there is a lot of white-washing of my way of life. Maybe seeing that my actions are part of… the current times on Earth… will help curb that.It's easy to paint Indigenous resilience as anti-colonial resistance.It's easy to paint Indigenous reciprocity as colonial mutualism.But why would you paint over such a beautiful thing?@emsenn

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