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emsenn's Projects

This is a non-comprehensive list of projects I’m heavily involved with (though my involvement might not represent much of the total labor put toward a project), with links to their Internet presence if applicable. If you benefit from my work on these projects, please consider sending me support.

  • Curent Projects
    • qtMUD: An “engine” for running a multi-user dimension, or MUD, a traditionally text-based online service, typically role-playng games. Currently in the earliest stages of development. (I’m also working on several MUDs as I develop the engine, such as emsMUD, SiMUD, and Starhopper.)
    • Makȟá Šá: A land stewardship effort spread within the settler-colony of Chapel Hill, in North Carolina territory. (A small garden focused on producing medicines for local BIPOC with a focus on supporting decolonization.)
    • Groundhog Autonomous Zone: An area of land within the Chapel Hill settlement where mutualist and decolonial efforts and protected and supported.
    • Cottenboro Confederacy: A loose organization of peoples within central Orange County, in North Carolina, focused on protecting and supporting (you guessed it) mutualist and decolonial actions.
  • Archived Projects
    • Aperte: A blogging engine written in PHP with the goal of staying smaller than the GPL under which it’s released.