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Homecraft Records

Homecraft Records is a record.


This file contains my records of my homecrafting projects and task. It should be viewed as an implementation of my Homecrafting Guidebook.

NOTE: Some records have been excluded from exported versions of these records, such as those available on my website. This may lead to omissions that make understanding other records difficult. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Maintain the indoor garden

Within my apartment, I have several houseplants, two stacks of sprouting trays, a moss farm, a microgreen garden, and I'm planning a small vegetable garden for this winter.

I keep a few planters with houseplants around the apartment.

-    Maintain brown succulent planter

    There is a brown ceramic planter on top of my partner's vanity which has in it three succulents, species unknown.

    -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect brown succulent planter

    -    Water brown succulent planter

    -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Identify succulents' species

-    Maintain red pothos planter

    There is a red ceramic planter which contains a pothos cutting.

    -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect red pothos planter

    -    Water red pothos planter

-    Maintain weathered fern planter

    -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:10] </span></span> <br />
        Earlier today, I moved this fern from a red self-watering ceramic pot to a weathered terra-cotta pot that was a fair bit bigger. I also moved the pot from on top of my partner's vanity to on the floor at the roomward end of their vanity.

    There is a weathered planter terra-cotta which contains a fern, which is probably of the species _Davallia fejeensis_ - a "rabbit's foot fern."

    It's an **_epiphytic_** plant, meaning it grows on trees or in rock crevices and extracts nutrients in part from nearby air, though it does have a small root structure. The rhizomes, covered in air-and-water-capturing hairs, will grow to hang over the pot.

    -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect weathered fern planter

        -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:40] </span></span> <br />
            It's getting a fair bit of breeze on it from where we keep the box fan during the fall - bad for keeping it humid enough.
        -   State "DONE"       from "TODO"       <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:40]</span></span>
        -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:25] </span></span> <br />
            The stems and fronds seem a bit leggy, but that probably has more to do with inconsistent moisture on my part.

    -    Water weathered fern planter

        -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:26] </span></span> <br />
            This plant likes consistent moisture, so I'm setting up watering to be done in two styles: occasional heavy watering in the sink, and twice-daily misting of the surface.

        -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Mist weathered fern planter

            -   State "DONE"       from "TODO"       <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 15:39]</span></span>

        -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Fully-water weathered fern planter

    -   <span class="org-todo done DONE">DONE</span>  Identify weathered fern planter's fern species     :ARCHIVE:

    -   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Think about where to move weathered fern planter

        Right now it's getting a steady breeze from the box fan - and will in that spot all summer and fall. Where can it be moved to?
-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Wash and soak seeds

    -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 09:39] </span></span> <br />
        Soaking cup 1: 6.17g STS lunch punch
        Soaking cup 2: 5.54 STS lunch punch
        Soaking cup 3: 5.65 STS lunch punch

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Allocate soaked seeds

    -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 12:09] </span></span> <br />
        Moved Soaking Cup 1 to Sprouting Tray A
        Moved Soaking Cup 2 to Sprouting Tray B
        Moved Soaking Cup 3 to Sprouting Tray C

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Water sprouting trays

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Wash and dry sprout
-    Sow microgreen seeds

    -   13.41g of wheat in chinese food tray<span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-04 Fri 16:53]</span></span>

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect microgreen farm

-    Water microgreen farm

-    Harvest microgreens
I have built a moss farm: a shallow plastic bin with a lid with air holes, which contains, from bottom to top: expanded clay pellets, garden fabric, a half inch of moss farm substrate, and samplings of moss from the Central Business District of Carrboro, North Carolina. The substrate is 35-45% sand, 20-30% vermiculite, and 25-45% freshly decomposed organic matter.

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect moss farm

-    Water moss farm

-    Amend moss farm substrate

    Every so often, new organic matter must be added to the moss farm's substrate: the material on which the moss grows.

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Identify moss' species
In the center of a cat toy I grow cat grass.

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Sow catgrass

    -   State "DONE"       from "TODO"       <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-03 Thu 22:48]</span></span>

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Water catgrass

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Refresh catgrass soil

-   <span class="org-todo todo TODO">TODO</span>  Inspect catgrass

    -   Note taken on <span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">[2019-10-03 Thu 23:35] </span></span> <br />
        The soil was quite dry today - I'd forgotten about it, honestly - and the grass that was there was quite leggy. I cut it down when I resowed the pot.

TODO Prepare ginger beer

Maintain general cleaning

Maintain wardrobe

Maintain waste processing


TODO Analyze sprouting mix “STS-LP”

I'd like to know the ratio, by… I guess seed count? of the component seeds in Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch” sprouting mix. Assuming the sprouts themselves are all about uniform in size (which seems to be my observation,) this would inform the ratio of each sprout type in the finished sprouts, by weight… right?



Dictionary of Sprouting Mixes

Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch”
  • Contains “clover, alfalfa, radish, mustard.”
  • 125g plastic sachet sold at Fifth Season Gardening Co. in Carrboro for $6.99 with a total sales tax of 7.5%, as of [2019-10-04 Fri].

Project Tables

Indoor Gardening Tables

-    Sprouting Tray Batch Input and Output Table

    | Batch ID | Mix ID | Starting Weight | End Weight |
    | A1       | STS-LP | 6.17g           |            |
    | B1       | STS-LP | 5.54g           |            |
    | C1       | STS-LP | 5.65g           |            |

-    Sprouting Tray Mix Pricing Table

    | Mix ID | Mix Price/gram |
    | STS-LP | 0.06           |
    |        |                |


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        Maintain weathered fern planter 0:03