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Homecraft Records


This file contains my records of my homecrafting projects and task. It should be viewed as an implementation of my Homecrafting Guidebook.

NOTE: Some records have been excluded from exported versions of these records, such as those available on my website. This may lead to omissions that make understanding other records difficult. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Table of Contents



Maintain the indoor garden

Within my apartment, I have several houseplants, two stacks of sprouting trays, a moss farm, a microgreen garden, and I’m planning a small vegetable garden for this winter.

TODO Prepare ginger beer

Maintain general cleaning

Maintain wardrobe

Maintain waste processing


TODO Analyze sprouting mix “STS-LP”

I’d like to know the ratio, by… I guess seed count? of the component seeds in Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch” sprouting mix. Assuming the sprouts themselves are all about uniform in size (which seems to be my observation,) this would inform the ratio of each sprout type in the finished sprouts, by weight… right?



Dictionary of Sprouting Mixes

Sow True Seeds’ “Lunch Punch”
  • Contains “clover, alfalfa, radish, mustard.”
  • 125g plastic sachet sold at Fifth Season Gardening Co. in Carrboro for $6.99 with a total sales tax of 7.5%, as of [2019-10-04 Fri].

Project Tables

Indoor Gardening Tables


Table 1: Clock summary at [2019-10-04 Fri 15:56]
Headline Time
Total time 0:03
Projects 0:03
  Ongoing 0:03
    Maintain the indoor garden 0:03
      Maintain houseplants 0:03
        Maintain weathered fern planter 0:03