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Tarot Reading

I think tarot readings can be a wonderful problem-solving tool, regardless of the beliefs of anyone involved: they’re a great way for framing a question in a unique way.

I’ve structured my tarot readings like my other consultation sessions: you can click the button below to fill out a short form to apply. If my service seems like a good fit, we can schedule your session. Otherwise, I’ll try to refer you to more useful information.

Generally, I consider a tarot reading to be most useful when you feel like you’re struggling with something, but can’t seem to think clearly about the problem.

If I accept you for a session, it’ll take 30 to 40 minutes. We’ll meet through an online video conference, but you don’t have to use your microphone or video if you don’t want. Afterward, you’ll get a brief reporting on the cards that were drawn, and a recording of the session.

“I wasn’t interested in any of the mysticism behind tarot, but it didn’t matter: emsenn’s reading still helped me understand why I was butting heads with my coworker.” – Anonymous Client

To apply for a session, please send an email containing the following information: