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planning my Online presence, spring 2020

planning my Online presence, spring 2020 is a story

it was told by emsenn for anyone curious

it is meant to be gossip

it is about online communication

it was released on Jan 29, 2020

I have recently been giving great thought to what living within the white supremacy has done to my way of thinking

part of that thought has been about how I communicate with others

communicating Online is one of the ways I communicate, so I have been thinking about that

these thoughts are mostly full of doubt:

despite doubts, I have made some decisions for the rest of winter, and the coming spring:

I want to keep notes on my self-education toward decolonizing my thinking

for now those will go on my website

I want to put more time into my website's visual and organizational aesthetic

I worry that perhaps a traditional website is inherently imperial in manner

I worry that using it will limit my ability to think without hierarchal taxonomy

I hope those worries will challenge me