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perspective on Sunbeam City

perspective on Sunbeam City is a story

it was told by emsenn for members of Sunbeam City

it is meant to be gossip

it is about online communication

it was released on Feb 16, 2020

Sunbeam City, I'm encouraging Y'all to make decisions about your intentions as a community

Y'all have historically failed at properly respecting the intersections of Y'all's beliefs with the kyriarchy1 and it has led to a recreation of systemic privilege within Y'all's community

these problems have become self-reinforcing: Y'all's privileged attitudes have pushed marginalized people out of Y'all's community, and cultivated a reputation for being a difficult, if not unsafe,2 community for marginalized people to exist in

I'm not going to explain the history that brought us to this point: I'm going to explain how that history relates to Me, and what actions I am requesting Y'all take

I don't have an account on Y'all's systems, but I consider Myself, situationally, a member of Y'all's community, as some of Y'all are sometimes a part of My community

we talk, Y'all help Me with projects, I answer what questions I can about like decolonization

so it matters to Me what sort of community Y'all choose to be: and please keep that in mind: this is Y'all's choice

if Y'all recognize Y'all's community is biased toward kyriarchal views, I hope Y'all will take action to eliminate that bias

otherwise, Y'all must recognize Y'all are choosing to remain biased toward the kyriarchy: toward bigotry and oppression

what would action look like?

I think any legitimate conversation about Sunbeam City needs to recognize that “shut down” can be the correct answer

I think it might be the right place to start, too:

  1. close the instance to new membership immediately, and inform all members the community will be going through a reconstruction

  2. hold an open convention3 to decide two actions:

    • what is the community's purpose?
    • who will the community's first members work with to draft organizational methods?
  3. hold another convention between anyone who agrees with the purpose, and the consultant group, and figure out the new way Y'all will run your community

    • I'm pointedly not going to guess at what that will look like
  4. re-start a new community using the assets of the old

why does a community need a purpose? it helps make sure Y'all can maintain an orientation beyond our society's default pro-kyriarchy: helping prevent these problems from developing so invisibly

why do y'all need consultants? communities are complicated and there's no correlation between the first to arrive and skill at long-term community management

if the community takes steps, not necessarily these steps but steps, to eliminate their developed bias toward the kyriarchy, I will continue to support it

however if Y'all do not, I will recognize it for what I believe it is: a choice to remain biased toward bigotry and oppression, and I would encourage all members who do not wish to defend that bias leave the community, and all people stop interacting with the community

  1. The “kyriarchy” is a term used to refer to the global hegemonic system of oppression. See the Wikipedia article for some more information, but you can just replace it with “whiteness,” “imperialism,” “colonialism,” “the West,” or whatever similar term ↩︎

  2. Recently, a former member of your community's associations4 with fascists led to them calling for my death and a “purge” of other people they identify as “leftists” ↩︎

  3. Meaning, allow votes from anyone, not just current Sunbeam City members ↩︎

  4. The former member may no longer associate with fascists ↩︎